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The Best Cell Phone Accessories Supplier for Your Wholesale Business

Oct 01, 2021

You probably know the best way to maximize your profits for your wholesale business is to purchase your inventory at the highest margins on the market. But, there are other factors to consider like product quality and consumer demand. At Mighty Wireless, we take the guesswork out of following buyer trends, toss in 24x7 friendly customer service, and, seriously, we cannot wait to show you our jaw-dropping prices!

What to Look for in Supplier
When you are searching for the best supplier for your cell phone accessories inventory, there are a few important boxes to check to be sure you are receiving the best value for your money.

  • Trusted Quality - For one thing, your products should meet your customer standards for quality. This includes sound quality for items like earphones, headphones, and speakers. It can also mean durability to an appropriate degree, especially for products like cell phone cases and portable poolside speakers. In other words, your customers should trust the product to perform the function it was purchased to perform. ??One way to ensure your items are made with quality in mind is to order them from a supplier with longstanding relationships with trusted manufacturers. This way, you know your products have been customer approved and are already hot-sellers in retail stores!

  • Fast & Flexible Shipping - Another important factor when deciding on a supplier is to ask about their shipping requirements.  If the items are currently in stock, the shipping times should be faster than those suppliers who have to first submit the order to the manufacturer. Furthermore, there should be an option to select where you want the items to be shipped and if you need the items to be expedited. Some suppliers have more restrictions than others. As a wholesaler, you will want to be sure such changes can be made to bulk orders as well as smaller orders.

  • Lowest Pricing Available - With the other boxes checked, it’s time to look at pricing. As a wholesale business, you rely on lower pricing than market value in order to offer a discount to your clients. Buying at higher margins will also offer you more opportunities to attract clients and beat out competitor promotions. Therefore, be sure your supplier can leverage their nurtured relationships with quality manufacturers to produce the higher margins you need to stay competitive without sacrificing in other important areas. For example, Mighty Wireless offers the lowest prices available anywhere for the items we sell plus low minimums to make it easier for those wholesale businesses and retailers who are just starting out.

Why Customer Service Matters
Now that you know what to look for, it’s time to talk about customers support. At Mighty Wireless, we believe in live 24x7 customer service. This way, you can receive the answers to your questions on the spot without having to wait until the next business day thereby delaying your shipment or customer order. Customer service, in our experience, is essential to not only receiving the right order on time but also getting answers to questions at a time when it is most convenient for you because let’s face it, sometimes you are unavailable during normal business hours. On that note, if you live in a different time zone than your supplier, it can be hard to contact them during that small “normal business hours” window throughout the week. Thus, if you wish to add to your order, ask a question about a product, or learn more about our shipping policies, Mighty Wireless makes it easy to contact us anytime any day.

How to Know What to Buy
The best cell phone accessories supplier will have done the research for you on the latest consumer trends by such methods as attending trade shows, analyzing search and purchase history, and working closely with manufacturers. You can shop all the hottest sellers at below wholesale prices on the Mighty Wireless website. Our items are consistently updated as buying trends change, which means you can actually have fun shopping with us and place your order with confidence! Get started by completing our easy registration form online. Once approved, you can shop thousands of in-stock trending items, take advantage of our fast and flexible shipping options, and receive VIP treatment with our 24x7 customer service. Make Mighty Wireless your “Go-To” supplier for your wholesale or retail business today!


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