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Sep 21 2021

5 Items People Love to Buy at the Local Flea Market

Since the pandemic, local flea markets everywhere have been seeing a large influx of shoppers who are looking for fun outdoor things to do in their area while picking up a few great finds along the way. What items are they hoping to buy? We’ve made a list of four surprising products that are always a hit at flea market locations.

Sep 15 2021

The Top 5 Flea Markets Across the U.S.!

When it comes to flea markets, it doesn’t get any better than these! Consumers flock from all over to check out the deals each week. This will give you more shoppers to view your hot-selling inventory, follow you on social media, discover how to order more items from you, and sign up for your mailing list to receive discounts and check out highlights about the latest products you offer. From coast to coast, we’ve listed the top places to book your booth in the U.S.

Sep 01 2021

3 Old School Retail Strategies Every New Business Owner Should Be Using

How would you like to generate fresh leads for your new business before having to tackle the steep learning curve of digital marketing? While professional online marketing tactics should definitely be included in your budget as quickly as possible, these tried-and-true sales methods your grandparents probably used can turn your products and business name into the talk of the town fast!

Aug 25 2021

4 Reasons High Quality Sound Products Boost Sales

High demand for speakers, headphones, and earphones that pair with cell phones through Bluetooth technology to continually boost sales for resellers. But, what makes these items so popular? Let’s take a closer look at four reasons your high quality sound products could be the key to increasing your profits.

Aug 16 2021

5 Cell Phone Accessories Every Student Will Need for School!

School is back in session, and parents are shopping for items that will help enhance their students’ learning or keep the peace at home like these 5 cell phone accessories. Whether kids are going to in-person school or learning from home, these smartphone additions help boost their ability to complete their assignments and study for tests. Showcase them in your school displays and watch them fly off the shelves!

Aug 05 2021

How to Start a Wholesale Business

In this article, you will find helpful tips on how to start a wholesale business from the ground up. I will go over how to acquire customers, how to source products, how to make use of marketing tools, such as social media and the web, to promote your business, and how to organize your business to be a success. Everything I will share with you is based on my own personal experience of starting and running a profitable wholesale cellphone accessories business in the USA. It worked for me, and I can’t wait to share these proven strategies with you!

Aug 01 2021

The Most Popular Trade Shows for Wholesalers

Whether you are new to being a wholesaler or you are a seasoned pro, there should be a select group of top trade shows included in your budget every year. Why? Trade shows are the perfect place to discover the hottest-selling products in your industry, make beneficial connections, and meet the industry legends you admire. With that said, here is our list of the top trade shows in the U.S. every wholesaler should plan to attend at least once.

Jul 26 2021

7 Reasons Why Resellers Should Attend ASD Market Week

ASD Market Week can help turn your growing retail store or flea market booth into a customer magnet! From high margins to building essential connections, we’ll show you why you should make this trade show an integral part of your annual sales strategy. Then, we’ll guide you on how you can estimate your ROI and sign up for the next ASD Market Week today!

Jul 15 2021

5 Reasons Bundling Cell Phone Accessories Boosts Sales

Bundling items together is an important sales strategy for retailers and vendors alike. Smaller products like cell phone accessories are a perfect example of easy-to-bundle products. Discover the value of bundling your cell phone accessories from a consumer perspective and how this one simple action can turn into a huge profit booster!

Jul 01 2021

Best Selling Cell Phone Charging Cables

Everyone who owns a mobile device will need one of these top-selling charging cables! From iPhones to Android products, these items are high in demand and allow your customers to continue catching up on social media channels and building playlists without skipping a beat. Stock your inventory with these popular cables your shoppers will be searching for today!

Jun 15 2021

The Best Bluetooth Items that Sell!

When stocking your booth or store inventory, how do you know which Bluetooth items will be your best sellers? Sometimes, the products seem so similar it can be hard to tell which make and model will not only attract more sales but also build customer loyalty with their performance. Have no fear! These five items deliver dependable high-quality sound and everyone’s favorite features that make them a must-have for all cell phone users.

Jun 01 2021

Attract More Sales in 2021

Retailers, you don’t have to spend well over a hundred thousand dollars on marketing to attract more sales in 2021. But, you do have to make an effective plan based on strategies that work. Here are four tactics with a proven history of expanding your reach online and off that won’t break your budget in the process.