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Apr 15 2021

5 Bluetooth Items to Stock at the Register

If you are in retail, you already know Bluetooth items are hot-sellers. Now, find out which ones are ideal for those last-minute impromptu buys at the register. We think at least one product on our list may surprise you!

Apr 01 2021

How to Make Your Flea Market Booth Stand Out

Do you feel your cell phone accessories and related popular items booth gets lost in a sea of flea market vendor booths? No worries! We have solutions that will make your booth stand out and drive traffic to your booth.

Mar 01 2021

Why Flea Markets are Expected to Surge in 2021

Flea market vendors may see a surge in business in 2021. As spring approaches, shoppers begin to explore more outdoor activities, and flea markets could become the new favorite family outing. Here’s why.

Feb 15 2021

How to Increase Retail Sales with Mighty Wireless

Give your sales a boost all-year-long with cell phone accessories and electronics from Mighty Wireless! Retailers ranging from flea market vendors to gift stores are always thrilled to find our wholesale cell phone accessories not only have a high mark up but also boast a faster turnover. Discover why our clients love us and what we can do to help your business thrive too!

Feb 01 2021

Bluetooth Speakers That Sell!

Spring and summer fun in the sun would not be the same without high-quality sound from these Bluetooth speakers! From portable beats made for chillin’ by the water to superior bass that will turn any neighborhood activity into a party, we’ve got it all in stock at Mighty Wireless. Not sure which to choose? Check out our top hits at unbelievable prices!

Jan 01 2021

New 2021 Cell Phone Accessories for Retailers at Mighty Wireless!

Looking for the hottest 2021 retail trends for cell phone accessories? Mighty Wireless has everything you need to attract sales at the lowest prices you'll find anywhere! Best of all, we're always adding new items to our fastest-selling categories. Check out these latest additions that will make the perfect addition to any retail inventory.

Dec 10 2020

How to Use Mighty Wireless Cell Phone Accessories for Easy Store Promos

Avoid the expense of hiring a professional videographer by making your own store promos! Some of the most viral videos and store ads were made in-house. Best of all, it's easier than you think!

Dec 01 2020

2021 Trends in Cell Phone Accessories

Retailers cannot afford to miss out on these top cell phone accessory trends for 2021! The mobile accessory industry is expected to see rapid growth for these products throughout the year. Here's why!

Nov 16 2020

5 FREE Places to Promote Your Product Videos Online!

If you are not using these 5 video platforms to highlight your products online, you are missing out on a significant sales opportunity. Best of all, they're FREE! So, what are you waiting for? Start your video sharing today!

Nov 01 2020

The Best Retail Displays for Holiday Gifts

The holidays are coming, and that means it's that exciting time when retailers strategize over gift displays! Draw attention to the best-selling items on everyone's list with these suggestions. Are you ready to turn your store into a winter wonderland? Start here!

Oct 15 2020

10 Wholesale Mobile Must Haves for 2020 & 2021!

These 10 gift items are on every mobile device user's wishlist this year! From earbuds to personalized cables, find out what students, teachers, healthcare workers, and all those working remotely from home have been touting as their must-haves for the 2020-2021 school calendar year. Then, be sure to stock up before Santa starts checking his list!

Oct 01 2020

PPE & Electronic Accessories Make Perfect Teacher Appreciation Gifts!

Let your shoppers show their teacher appreciation and school spirit with these helpful and handy cheer-worthy gift ideas from Mighty Wireless! These personal protection items and electronic accessories are sure to be on teachers’ “Favorite Things” lists. Display these items in your store that make student engagement in learning activities both in the classroom and while distance learning at home as easy as 1-2-3!