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Mar 01 2022

7 Flea Markets in California You've Got to Check Out!

If you are a savvy bargain hunter in the California area, do not miss your chance to catch the best deals on some of the hottest selling trends of 2022 at these flea markets. From antiques and unique finds to the latest Bluetooth tech and cell phone accessories, these venues prove there is something for everyone if you just know where to look.

Feb 01 2022

The 2022 Top Sellers in Cell Phone and Electronic Accessories are Here!

Discover which items from 2021 made our hot selling product list for 2022. These 5 cell phone accessories are in high demand and should be kept in stock at all retail and vendor booth locations for quick purchasing options. Check them out!

Jan 20 2022

Why Flea Markets are the Perfect Place to Grow Your Cell Phone Accessories Business

With 97% of people in the U.S. carrying cell phones, it is certainly not difficult to see why cell phone accessories are hot sellers. But, once you have stocked your inventory with trending products, you may be wondering where to market them. Here are 5 reasons flea markets could be the perfect venue to generate more sales and build your business.

Jan 15 2022

5 Approaches to Social Media Content That Attract More Attention to Your Vendor Booth

If you are searching for cost-effective ways to attract customers to your flea market booth, reach more social media users online by crafting your own unique content style that sets you apart from competitors. As the number of posts engagements increases, you will begin to enjoy the many benefits that come with building loyal customers who stay connected with your growing business and special offers throughout the year. Not sure where to begin? Start with these five trending content approaches when creating your posts.

Jan 01 2022

How to Stage Your Booth at the Swap Meet

Are you planning to open a booth at a nearby swap meet or flea market? Every seasoned vendor knows staging is one of the biggest keys for a successful day of sales. Use this quick checklist to make sure your booth is staged to attract your target customer, hold their attention, and keep them coming back for more.

Dec 29 2021

What Vendors and Retailers are Saying About Mighty Wireless

Over 200 5-star reviewers agree! Mighty Wireless is the best one-stop shop for all your wholesale cell phone accessories needs. Discover what our customers are saying about our selection, service, and prices.

Dec 15 2021

Get Unique Finds and Incredible Deals at These LA Flea Markets!

Whether you love the convenience, bargain prices, and social aspects of shopping at flea markets or you are wondering which location is best for selling your items, these LA fleas offer everything you are looking for and more! Flea markets are trending as a fun family-friendly outdoor activity, and these top venues promise hours of treasure hunting for products you want mixed with the best deals on things you need. We recommend a trip to visit each one on our list to see which one is your favorite.

Dec 01 2021

5 Reasons to Promote Your Flea Market Booth on Social Media

Before social media channels, flea market vendors had to use traditional offline sales tactics to attract customers to their booths. Such methods could be costly in terms of time and money. Thankfully, today, social media giants like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn are making it incredibly easy to take flea market sales to the next level while growing a loyal customer base without breaking a sweat.

Nov 28 2021

How to Find Helpful Tips for Starting Your Flea Market Business

Becoming a vendor at a flea market can be an exciting business venture that requires little upfront capital and offers endless opportunities for developing a steady stream of loyal customers. With the right tips and tools, your booth can attract shoppers looking for unique finds, helpful gadgets, and that perfect gift. Check out these five resources that make setting up your flea market booth both easy and fun!

Nov 23 2021

Tips for Outside Vendors During Cooler Winter Months

Hey vendors, want to know how to draw customers to your outdoor booth on even the coldest of days? While shoppers may be tempted to stay home cuddled up in a blanket by the fire over the cooler winter months, they will still long for something fun to do. These tips can help turn your space into a haven from the chill to build customer loyalty and increase sales with very little effort!

Nov 17 2021

How to Sell Cell Phone Accessories Online

If you are looking to expand your cell phone accessory sales by creating an online store, there are a variety of ways you can showcase your products and attract more buyers. From search engines to social media channels, these tips will help you spread the word about your store, deals, and top sellers!

Nov 01 2021

Why Cell Phone Accessories are Hot Sellers Over the Holidays

The holiday buying season has begun and, not surprisingly, cell phone accessories are one of the hottest selling items on the market. Delve into what makes these products a trusted staple for attracting buyers. Then, discover the items that shoppers love both over the season of giving as well as all year round!