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Attract More Sales in 2021

Jun 01, 2021

Retailers, you don’t have to spend well over a hundred thousand dollars on marketing to attract more sales in 2021. But, you do have to make an effective plan based on strategies that work. Here are four tactics with a proven history of expanding your reach online and off that won’t break your budget in the process.

1. Make Your Pricing Hard to Pass Up!
Everything in your inventory may already be priced to sell. However, one thing the public loves is a good deal! If you have a selection of fast-selling items priced below your competitors, then it is likely you can attract interested buyers to your store or booth to look around at those items as well as other products you carry. Of course, as demonstrated by outlet stores and big-box stores, this does not have to mean you have to beat the competitor’s pricing for all items. Once you draw people to your store or booth with your low pricing on things they need or have been searching for online and off, you can then showcase other related items with an engaging display for in-person cross-sales or use an advanced eCommerce checkout on your website to prompt more online purchases. 

Plus, if you can earn the trust of your buyers by offering your top-sellers for less than the competition, you will receive the benefit of returning visitors to your store for more products. There is a substantial number of consumers in the U.S. alone who will go out of their way to support small businesses. Gaining their attention with low pricing on select items and maintaining their loyalty with top-quality products and service is invaluable to a new or growing retailer! 

2. Price with Purpose
When you want to generate more interest in your merch, a sale can be an excellent way to get your social media followers to share your posts. Sales also make ideal subjects for marketing campaigns like PPC ads. The problem is sales can also leave you strapped for cash to buy more inventory, especially when you are unable to sell enough items to cover the cost of your marketing campaigns. 

Now, imagine adding a worthy cause to the sale or promotion. For example, instead of lowering your prices, perhaps you donate a portion of the proceeds to support a local charity. Putting that charity in the spotlight with your products can give your posts and PPC ads a significant boost that generates more online chatter. Soon, more shoppers will hear about the support you are offering to that cause when a particular item is purchased from your store or booth. Voila! You have just given potential customers another reason to shop with you over your competitors.

3. Add More Variety to Your Inventory
We all love those cute little boutique stores where we find unique gifts, clothing, or knick-knacks. If you are a niche retailer, your eclectic items and the atmosphere you create within your store or booth can be your biggest draw for casual browsers or those looking for something different that they cannot buy elsewhere. But, what about the items they need or items they want yet have to leave your store to buy? You don’t have to become the owner of a big box store to offer a variety of products. Wholesalers like Mighty Wireless make it easy to stock up on trending products that most, if not all customers, will love and take up very little room in your display. 

4. Build Your Email Distribution List 
After attracting interest in your shop or booth, you will have another chance to gain customer loyalty and warm-sell your promoted products through email marketing. Simply add an option for your customers to request emails or texts with helpful information, such as sales and coupons, to your checkout process. Then, send out a monthly or bi-monthly professional email campaign highlighting different products and promoting special offers.

The Best Way to Find Trending Products
With all the above tips in mind, it is equally important for small niche businesses and vendors to stay current with popular trends to attract more sales in 2021 or any year. That said, it can be a full-time job to search for all the latest hot-sellers in each category throughout the year. Mighty Wireless takes the pressure off retailers in their quest for the hottest sellers on the market by attending trade shows like ASD and offering the top-trending cell phone and electronic accessories at prices you can afford! Register online through our safe and secure website, and enjoy browsing thousands of in-stock popular items. Start your journey to more profitable sales with Mighty Wireless today!

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