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How to Use Mighty Wireless Cell Phone Accessories for Easy Store Promos

Dec 10, 2020

Avoid the expense of hiring a professional videographer by making your own store promos! Some of the most viral videos and store ads were made in-house. Best of all, it's easier than you think!

List of Products You'll Need
If you think your promotional videos will require a lot of costly equipment, we have exciting news! You can purchase our hottest selling mini cell phone tripod, memory items, charging accessories, and a high-quality Bluetooth speaker for a minimum order of only $50 from Mighty Wireless! Plus, if you place an order for the products you are promoting at the same time, you can save even more! Add your smartphone, a lighting kit, and a green screen or simply step outside on an overcast day with your selfie stick and you have everything to get started with close-up pics, “How to” videos, and product spotlight clips.

Get Ready to Record
They may not be the star of the show, but there are some essentials that are necessary for any smartphone production. Memory cards, power banks, power cables, screen protectors, and protective phone bumpers are some examples of these critical support items. Don’t have them yet? No worries! With our low minimums on orders and the best prices on the fastest-selling cell phone accessories on the market, you can place your order for everything on your accessory checklist in one location!

Set up Your Background
Have you wondered how products appear to have been cut out of the background in professional images? Using a green screen is an easy way to make your consumer goods stand out without any background noise or unattractive elements interfering with your images and videos. Green screens enable you to add any background you like behind your products with your editing app or leave it bright and white so that nothing detracts from the product.

Determine the Lighting 
Lighting may require some trial and error. We recommend spending a day or two playing around with different angles and brightness levels. It may help to keep your store’s vibe in mind as you decide how much light to use.

Add Support With a Tripod
Stability is as important as the lighting, which makes our mini cell phone tripod a must-have for any close-up pics and videos. Since you want the focus on the highlighted product, close-ups are critical to being able to see all the selling features more clearly. Moreover, using the tripod remote while taking movies and images leaves you more in control of the content and timing.

Make Your Content Relatable
If you are struggling with the creative aspects of the content, try reviewing some of the more popular ads from the competition for inspiration. The purpose of the image or video clip is to engage the audience so they will learn more about the product for an increased sales conversion rate, linger on your website longer for better search engine rankings, and enjoy browsing on your site leading to both an increased chance of another purchase as well as a higher probability of a return visit. Therefore, your goal is to make the content relatable to your shoppers. Ask yourself what the average consumer would like to know about the products you sell. Chances are, it’s a safe bet to start with a product spotlight promotion where someone demonstrates how to use the item while explaining all the cool features.

Sound can be a Powerful Tool
Are you skilled at choreography and planning to share your promotional video on Tik Tok, Facebook, or YouTube? Then, it’s time to add some tunes! Those melodies you plan to add in the editing app after recording should be played on your Bluetooth speakers as you record to ensure you have the right timing down. This is especially crucial for any clips involving movement. Mighty Wireless carries a huge selection of portable Bluetooth speakers that would make keeping time with the beat far easier than trying to use the speakers on your smartphone while you record.

At this point, you have your gear checklist and a vision of what you plan to do to promote what you want to sell. All that is left is to register with Mighty Wireless by filling out our form online and emailing your Sale Tax Certificate to Then, once approved, shop our easy-to-navigate secure store website to purchase the above items as well as the hottest cell phone accessories to stock your inventory with the best products at the lowest prices anywhere! 

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