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Wholesale Speakers

Not all wholesale speakers are alike! Your booth, brick-n-mortar store, or eCommerce site visitors will love our sound quality and our large variety of portable options. The hardest part about buying from us is choosing your favorites!

Do your shoppers love to crank up the bass at a party, talk hands-free at home, or run through their playlist at the beach? Our Bluetooth speakers provide clear crisp sound from up to 33 feet away! Plus, their compact size makes it fun to bring them wherever the adventure takes you.

Stock up on our high-performing speakers boasting top-selling features today! Not registered with us yet? No problem! Registration is as easy as filling out our online form on our “Register” menu tab and emailing a copy of your Sale Tax Resale Certificate to us at Sign up today!

iBastek Bazooka Wholesale Bluetooth Speaker-40S-PMHL
iBastek Wholesale Bluetooth Huge 12INCH X 2 PA Speaker System-1284M-PAXH
IBastek Wholesale Huge PA Speaker 15INCH X 2 with Two Wireless Microphones-1594DM-PASQ-1
iBastek Wholesale Bluetooth Huge PA Speaker 12INCH X 2 + 6INCH 1274-PAXH-1
iBastek Wholesale Bluetooth 12INCH X 2 + 6.5INCH X 1 PA Speaker System-1249-iB-CH1249-1
iBastek Wholesale Bluetooth Huge Speaker 12INCH X 2 with Wireless MIcrophone-1240M-PATM
iBastek Wholesale Bluetooth Speaker Large 8INCH X 2 PA-0816-PALT
iBastek Wholesale Huge Bluetooth Speaker 15INCH X 2 + 4INCH X 2 PA with Dual Wireless Microphone-1596M-PATM
iBastek Wholesale Bluetooth Speaker Big 6.5INCH X 2 TWS with Wired Microphone-620BM-BPYL
iBastek Wholesale Bluetooth Speaker 4INCH X 2-425B-BPSY
Ibastek Bazooka Speaker Bluetooth Wholesale-33S-PMHL
Ibastek Portable Bluetooth Wholesale Tube Speaker with Handle-39F-PMHL