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5 Bluetooth Items to Stock at the Register

Apr 15, 2021

If you are in retail, you already know Bluetooth items are hot-sellers. Now, find out which ones are ideal for those last-minute impromptu buys at the register. We think at least one product on our list may surprise you!

1. Earphones 
Quality sound is a must-have for anyone owning a smartphone these days, and shoppers are searching for items that are portable, comfortable, reliable, and affordable. Our Inpods13 Pro comes in a variety of colors and offers superior sound with touch controls your customers will love! Finally, high performance doesn’t have to mean over budget.

For selective sound and comfort, it’s hard to beat our BUDS+. These earbuds allow users to hear their phone calls, music, and audio recordings without background noise yet also let in important sounds like family members talking. Best of all, your shoppers can enjoy 22 hours of premium sound!

2. Headphones 
Although the earphones are some of this year’s best sellers, headphones are still all the rage with a large group of serious sound fans in addition to people working from home who need a comfortable way to block out background noise for selective listening. With their ultra-soft memory-protein foam design and the flexibility to fit perfectly without pinching or moving around, our TM037S model attracts attention wherever you place it in the store. Effortless pairing, premium sound quality, and cushioning styling make this item a hit all year round!

3. Portable Speakers
Beachgoers, pool loungers, and outdoor adventurers will need a way to share their favorite playlists with friends and family members this summer. Using Bluetooth technology, portable speakers pair well with any outside activity and Mighty Wireless has all the top styles sporting the latest features like our iBastek 40S-PMHL. This sleek, compact, and modern speaker may be small, but the sound performance will have you believing it’s a much larger system. Plus, this beauty supports a USB flash drive or SD memory card for more ways to share and construct the ultimate summer jam session. Try it out in your store or booth and let your shoppers experience how far portable speakers have come! 

4. Car and Truck Speakers
Sometimes it can be hard to buy gifts for guys. Thankfully, Bluetooth accessories like car and truck USB speakers that also serve as an FM transmitter make it easy! These speakers are both fun to display on a desk or shelf and practical with large-speaker sound quality. Just be sure to stock different models of these sought-after gift items that range from nostalgic to trendy designs.

5. Car Bluetooth FM transmitter
Speaking of FM transmitter, remember to offer your store or booth visitors who own an older car a chance to connect with Bluetooth devices. Chances are any vehicle that was made before 2010 may not have a Bluetooth connection built-in. What does this mean? Well, for starters, it means that cell phones will likely not pair with the car leaving the driver and passengers unable to enjoy hands-free calling. Moreover, if the driver wants to select a song from a playlist, he’s out of luck! Our CARs7 plugs into the cigarette lighter of any car and turns the car’s sound system into Bluetooth-enabled technology.

How to Stock These Items for Less!
Now, you have a list of some of the fastest-selling and most widely sought-after Bluetooth products on the market. However, you may be wondering if items like these are too expensive to purchase for your inventory or if they will arrive on time for summer sales. At Mighty Wireless, we carry thousands of the latest cell phone accessory trends in stock and offer fast and flexible shipping. But, what our clients love the most about us is our low pricing! 

We have spent many years cultivating long-standing relationships with trusted manufacturers. As a result, we receive more discounts than other wholesalers and that savings is then passed along to you! Ready to get started placing your order for the above hot-selling products? Registering with us is as simple as filling out our form and sending us your Sale Tax Resale Certificate. Once approved, you can begin shopping for the latest trending products with the lowest prices on the market on our secure site. Get started growing your business with Mighty Wireless today!

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