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4 Reasons High Quality Sound Products Boost Sales

Aug 25, 2021

High demand for speakers, headphones, and earphones that pair with cell phones through Bluetooth technology to continually boost sales for resellers. But, what makes these items so popular? Let’s take a closer look at four reasons your high quality sound products could be the key to increasing your profits.

1. Dropped Connectivity can Turn Customers Off
Anyone with Bluetooth experience who has tried to pair a cell phone with a poor-quality set of earphones or headphones knows the frustration of a dropped call or unclear sound. The signal bars are full on the smartphone, but speaking or listening during a phone can be so difficult it renders the headsets useless. However, since so many consumers are able to place better quality calls with their earphones or headphones, such frustrations will lead those cell phone owners to not give up. Together with first-time cell phone buyers, these individuals will be searching for better-performing high quality sound products at affordable pricing.

2. Fast Pairing is Expected
Another issue with a poor-quality Bluetooth device of any kind is a slow pairing time. Remember back in the days of dial-up modems when AOL was king of the ISPs and that loud and lengthy half static half electronic noise was necessary before an Internet connection could be established? By the mid-90s, commercial broadband had begun changing the Internet connectivity process at a quickened pace. Since that time, technological advancements have taught consumers faster with a more consistent connection is possible from virtually anywhere in the world. Today, your shoppers may or may not remember the dial-up modem, but they definitely know their Bluetooth pairing should not be a drawn-out process! Thus, keeping a supply of fast-pairing products in stock is essential to boosting your sales revenue.

3. Reliable Performance Prompts Return Purchases
By stocking your inventory with high quality sound items, such as speakers and earphones, you are already solving multiple problems for your shoppers. Your products will finally end the dreaded call drop, poor connectivity issue, and slow pairing challenges. In doing so, you will be earning the consumer’s trust and loyalty for future purchases. They will quickly discover your inventory offers products that deliver on performance and reliability, and they will likely return in the nearby future to explore other selections in your inventory as well as tell their friends and family members. This especially true for those resellers that offer high quality sound items at reasonable and competitive prices that most cell phone owners with modest budgets who are looking for ways to use and personalize their smartphones can afford. As a bonus, earned trust and respect from your customers could result in a 5-star review on Google that helps drive yet more traffic to your store.

4. Feature-Promoting Campaigns
Another factor driving high demand in sound item purchases is the number of innovative features your customers will learn about and search for online. Advanced designs plus powerful marketing campaigns have changed the way consumers are viewing their tech, which includes sound-related Bluetooth products like speaker systems and headsets. For example, your shoppers will know to look for terms like “customizable seal”, “adaptive fit”, “high definition stereo”, “lasting comfort” or “active noise cancellation” from their earphones, earbuds, and headphones. Regarding large speaker systems, they may be looking for included features like a TWS double link or rechargeable in addition to added equipment such as microphones or a remote.

In other words, you can improve your sales for all sound items by learning more about the features each product offers and having the knowledge to match the right high-sound quality item with the customer’s needs and budget. If you are a wholesaler, you may want to consider going into more detail on your website and labels about the product features. For store owners and vendors, promotional materials, such as a sign, highlighting your team’s ability to match customer needs with quality products at an affordable price may prove effective in selling sound items as well as related products like cables.

High Quality Sound Products are More Affordable Than Ever!
The best news for your inventory budget, customer loyalty, and sales revenue is premium sound does not have to come at a premium price. At Mighty Wireless, we sell reliable products that boast the latest in innovative features and designs coupled with high-end sound your shoppers will love at below wholesale cost. Whether you are a wholesaler, experienced retailer, or just getting started in the cell phone accessories reselling business, you will find the products that keep your customers coming back for more purchases at unbeatable prices at Mighty Wireless. Register with us today online and start shopping for inventory that gets noticed and sells fast! 


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