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The 2022 Top Sellers in Cell Phone and Electronic Accessories are Here!

Feb 01, 2022

Discover which items from 2021 made our hot selling product list for 2022. These 5 cell phone accessories are in high demand and should be kept in stock at all retail and vendor booth locations for quick purchasing options. Check them out!

Magnetic Wireless Power Banks
Did you know 97% of people living in the U.S. own a cell phone? It goes to follow that keeping these devices powered while away from home can oftentimes be a real issue. When connecting to a wall charger at home is not possible, wireless power banks are quick and powerful options. Whether solar-powered or pre-charged, power banks provide the extra power boost needed to continue working, browsing, viewing, or chatting anywhere the cell phone user roams.

One popular version in 2022 is the magnetic wireless charger that magnetically attaches to the back of any MagSafe device that comes with Qi charging or those with Qualcomm® Quick Charge 3.0 capability. For Apple fans, this means those who own an iPhone 8 or later can use these power banks for a super-fast charge that even take place as the phone is in use. Our top pick for magnetic wireless power banks is the FONENG Q28 with its comfortable and highly portable footprint, integrated circuit (IC) chip, and safety protection against over-charging.

Bluetooth Powerful Speakers
Once the mobile device is powered, it’s time to ramp up the sound! Listening to music away from home, giving a presentation at school or work, or simply entertaining guests in the backyard with a rockin’ pool party playlist will be on everyone’s wishlist this spring and summer. Therefore, we expect powerful portable Bluetooth speakers like the HOOKED Super Bass or combination speaker-charger items like TG-187 with a USB port that enables users to charge phones while jamming to their favorite tunes will be flying off the shelves in 2022.

Lighting Accessories for Stories, Reels, & Tik Tok
But, what’s a great party without a little ambiance? Lighting accessories for everything from room mood lighting to reducing or creating shadows for social media pics and videos became a raving hit in 2021. This trend is only gaining traction with warm glowing projection lamps, versatile lighting rings, and colorful LED light strips. It’s the perfect timing too as Facebook and Instagram increasingly promote video posting through Stories and Reels in answer to Tik Tok’s success.??Whichever channel is preferred, one thing is for sure. Any video can look more engaging in the right light. After all, not all of the media magic happens in the editing app.

Smart Fitness Accessories
Another big trend that is only gaining more traction in 2022 is related to the fitness industry. More shoppers than ever before are hitting the stores and flea markets in search of integrated accessories like Bluetooth-enabled smartwatches that can help them keep track of health data like sleep cycles, exercise performance metrics, and heart rate monitoring. Oh, and it would be great if it could tell time, help users remember to stand up and move around, let the user make and receive phone calls, and, of course, force cell phones to make a ping sound when they were inadvertently placed in a strange and hidden location. Yep, we have those "can't find my phone" moments.

Affordable Bluetooth Earphones & Headphones
Since there are times when making calls or listening to music, movies, and audiobooks can require more concentration or a quiet space, Bluetooth earphones and headphones remain hot-sellers in 2022. Students, professionals, families, hobby enthusiasts, athletes, and gamers enjoy the many benefits of quick Bluetooth pairing capability. Top features for this year include advanced noise cancellation for selective hearing and an ultra-comfortable fit.

How to Buy the Best Selling Items at Below Wholesale Pricing
At Mighty Wireless, we make it easy to find and purchase the latest trends in high-quality cell phone accessories at below wholesale pricing. Simply complete our registration form online and, once approved, start shopping thousands of items on our safe and secure website that are in stock for faster shipping.??Looking for something specific? Simply call or text our 24x7 live customer service number to let us know what you need. If we don’t have it in stock, we will work with our trusted manufacturers to locate the item for you. In other words, if it’s a hot-selling cell phone accessory, we’ve got it or we can get it! Register with us today!

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