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How to Sell Cell Phone Accessories Online

Nov 17, 2021

If you are looking to expand your cell phone accessory sales by creating an online store, there are a variety of ways you can showcase your products and attract more buyers. From search engines to social media channels, these tips will help you spread the word about your store, deals, and top sellers!

Make Your Website Stand Out
While there are different ways to post and sell your cell phone accessories online, the best way to attract more buyers is to have a stellar website with a mobile-first design. A website makes your business look more professional and trusted to both potential customers and search engines, especially as your presence online grows. With a website, you can expand the reach of your store throughout the Internet by posting your link in various platforms and channels. Plus, you can build credibility and loyalty by connecting customers you email to your website.

Start with a secure website that looks great on all screen sizes and use stunning images from professional stock photos for header images and throughout your website, such as your about page and blog articles. Next, work on getting images of your cell phone accessories to upload with descriptions and the primary features you would like to highlight for shoppers. Also, be sure to add a safe checkout process.

Add Blog Articles
Once your website is up and running, it’s time to let search users and social media users know about your new online store. Adding blog articles is a great way to showcase your products and attract customers. Each article should be informative and engaging to hold the reader’s interest. Not big on writing? No worries. Professional search engine optimization (SEO) content creators can post articles on your blog and help you find your footing with search engines like Google.

An attractive website with monthly blog articles is an excellent start to getting noticed online. It bears noting the process of getting search engines to list your website on the first page of search return listings for related keywords and phrases can take some time. If your competition for those top spots is fierce in your area, you may want to reach out to marketing professionals to gain more ground with the search engine algorithms.

Establish Social Media Channels
As you wait for Google to share your products, be sure to take time to connect with your current and potential customers by posting about your products, deals, business news, and reviews on popular social media channels. Some examples of content to post include top products that are trending in searches online, where to find your in-person business, or some customer pics and 5-star reviews. You can also incorporate some local happenings, holiday posts, and team celebrations for added interest.

Don’t forget the hashtags. Using the top hashtags for the subject of the post will help those searching for those keywords to view your content. You can discover the hashtags to use by using a hashtag tool online or conducting a search in your social media channel of choice. Simply enter different words for your product or post content into the social media search to see which trending keywords return.

Google My Business
Another way to introduce more online users to your products and attract Google to your website is to set up your Google My Business profile and store. This is a free tool all businesses should be using as it builds credibility with Google, adds another method of promoting your cell phone accessories, allows you to interact with your customers, offers a way to manage your reviews, shines a spotlight on key business information, and improves your search engine rankings. It is critical that you complete your verification process and take your time to finish your profile with all the requested details.

Link Your Products
Another great way to use Google My Business and social media channels is to link your product content with your website. In Google My Business, there is a tool for listing your products and their descriptions along with the page URL for quick customer purchase on your website. On Facebook and Instagram, you can post the product page link directly into the post and, if your website is Facebook and Instagram-friendly, your product image should automatically populate in the post. At that point, you can direct followers and new visitors to click on the post image or you can leave the link in the post as an additional method of directing the customer to your website.

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