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How to Attract More Customers to Your Flea Market Booth

Apr 01, 2021

Do you feel your flea market booth is getting lost in a sea of vendors? No worries. We have simple steps you can take to generate interest before you open, make your booth stand out during setup, and attract more customers!

1. Grow a Following of Loyal Fans Online 
If you are new to flea markets, you may think your vendor booth set up begins the day you arrive at the location. But, doing some work ahead of time is a critical part of making each day at the flea market count! Start by building a following online with a website and interactive news feeds on multiple social media channels. Audience engagement online will help grow the number of flea market shoppers searching for your booth on the day of the event. That way, even if you get lost in the shuffle amongst a large crowd of competing vendors, your booth can still stand out with your strong online presence that directs your loyal customers on how to find your booth or make a purchase if they cannot attend the flea market that weekend.

2. Stock up on High-Quality Products That Sel!

Now that you have people looking for your booth, make sure they are not disappointed with the selection of products they find. Keep high-quality trending products like the latest cell phone accessories in stock that can be purchased for a fair price. Learn more about stocking your inventory with the right products and how Mighty Wireless can help your business thrive by visiting our blog or contacting us directly. We’re here for you!

3. Pick a Visible Location
Okay, this may seem like an obvious tip. But, finding a visible location can be challenging at larger flea markets. We suggest making a map of the layout and trying to find the ends or intersections where most of the shopping traffic will have to pass by. For example, the entrance of the flea market is almost always ideal as well as the central meeting point of multiple pathways.

4. Separate & Cover
An inexpensive way to make your booth more noticeable to passerby traffic while also protecting your inventory is to add a covering and sides to your booth. The materials could be anything, depending on the expected weather and your budget, from a whimsical or elegant curtain fabric with ties to corrugated galvanized steel roof panels. Just keep in mind, whatever you build, you will also have to be able to transport.

5. Keep it Clean & Neat
There has never been a more important time to keep your booth clean and orderly than during a global pandemic. Customers will want to see your merchandise up close as that’s part of the fun of shopping local. Having a clear way to view your items without touching them like setting out only display items and using glass or transparent containers is one way people can see the product before purchasing. 

You may also find setting out a test item for each product is helpful such as one of our Bluetooth speakers playing music in the background or take it a step further and add a pair of our Bluetooth headphones for customers to test the quality. When allowing shoppers to handle your items, we recommend wiping the product afterward or setting the wipes beside the test items with a sign requesting shoppers to do this for you.

6. Maximize Your Displays 
On the note of orderly, try to avoid using tables alone to lay out your inventory. This can become a jumbled mess quickly and it is hard for shoppers to know where to focus. Try these ideas instead that can grab a customer’s attention and allow your products the opportunity to hold their interest as they linger longer to browse:

  • Hang Tag Displays
  • Twine Lines & Retro Clips
  • Organizers Added to Side Panels

7. Sell Branded Reusable Shopping Bags
When your customer makes a purchase from you, having a reusable and machine-washable bag to carry the item can not only be practical but also provide a reminder of your brand, website, and social media links. Moreover, your shoppers will often buy these from you and use them again and again. Add a thank you note card inside each bag with your Instagram name tag for that memorable final touch.

8. Start an Email Subscription List
Finally, before your customers finish paying, ask if they want to sign up for your updates and special offers. Explain this is how they can find you at the next flea market as well as get the scoop on any loyalty discounts you may be offering for repeat customers. Then, after each event, be sure to send those who signed up for your emails a message of appreciation for their business, a request for a review if they are enjoying the product, and a chance to contact you with any questions or concerns. 

Time to Have Some Fun!
After getting a good plan together of how you can make a splash at the next flea market, it’s time to take your own shopping trip to Mighty Wireless in our store located at 239 E. 5th Street, #60 in Los Angeles, CA 90013 or online! We carry the very best quality and top trends in wholesale cell phone accessories and related items at the lowest prices available on the market. Yep, we’re that good! Team up with Mighty Wireless by registering online and get ready to have a blast making the most of your flea market booth! 

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