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7 Flea Markets in California You've Got to Check Out!

Mar 01, 2022

If you are a savvy bargain hunter in the California area, do not miss your chance to catch the best deals on some of the hottest selling trends of 2022 at these flea markets. From antiques and unique finds to the latest Bluetooth tech and cell phone accessories, these venues prove there is something for everyone if you just know where to look.


1. Rose Bowl Flea Market
On the second Sunday of every month, more than 20,000 customers walk the aisles of this world-famous granddaddy of all flea markets. For vendors keeping score, that's thousands of potential customers per merchant! Whether searching for something old and collectible, one-of-a-kind showstoppers, or splurges that bring out your inner techy, the Rose Bowl Flea Market should be at the top of the list of places to find it! In fact, with over 2,500 vendors, it’ll be a challenge to walk out of this venue without at least a few treasures. Plus, you always have an excellent chance of spotting a celebrity in your midst.

San Francisco Bay Area

2. Treasure Island Flea Market
?Describing Treasure Island Flea Market for deal hunters is like talking about the most chill way to spend a two-day weekend while doing what you love. Why? This flea market doubles as a live music fest, complete with foodie favorites and stellar bay views! Catch it on the last weekend of every month.

3. Alemany Flea Market
Tired of waiting a whole month to sell your products or peruse a fantastic flea market? The Alemany Flea Market is open every Sunday all year round. While the rules for vendors are a bit strict and the selection is more limited, it made our list for offering the most date options so you can have somewhere incredibly interesting to experience in between larger venue dates.

San Jose

4. San Jose Flea Market
Seasoned flea market pros, as well as curious newbies, put the San Jose Flea Market on their bucket list for the ultimate shopping and merchant location. Even after getting to the gate as soon as it opens and walking at a brisk pace, it’s hard to imagine visitors being able to stop by all 6,000 vendor booths. Before you go there, we suggest you map out the parts of the 120-acre lot you want to check out as well as the visit most coveted booth locations and don’t forget your comfortable shoes. Enjoy!

5. De Anza College Flea Market
Planning a trip to Silicon Valley on the first Saturday of the month? For three decades, the monthly De Anza College Flea Market has attracted deal scouters from all over to the college. You’ll find a wide array of items here. Just beware the entrance fee can be steep. But, what we love the most is the proceeds go back to the students!


6. Sacramento Antique Fair
If you are in the Sacramento area on the second Sunday of the month and you are looking for a decent selection of tempting wishlist items from all categories, stop by the Sacramento Antique Fair. This flea market is located in the Sleep Train Arena along the East entrance. Here you’ll find 300 vendors waiting to greet you with a wide array of products from furnishings and clothing to high-tech gift ideas or handmade crafts. Vendors, this is an excellent opportunity to still be part of a crowd-drawing venue without feeling overwhelmed by the competition.

Long Beach

7. Long Beach Antique Market
Home to over 800 vendors, the Long Beach Antique Market boasts celebrity sightings and even hosted HGTV’s "Flea Market Flip". Our favorite thing about this venue might be the extensive selection of quality items or the free parking. If you are looking for something to do outdoors on the third Sunday of the month in the Long Beach area, be sure to check it out!

Palm Springs

10. Palm Springs Vintage Market
You’ll definitely find the throwback flare you seek when you go to the Palm Springs Vintage Market on the first Sunday of the Month. If you’re a collector or you simply like to browse and reminisce, this flea offers the perfect way to end the weekend. Not really into buying or selling nostalgic items? No problem. The desert view alone is enough to make your trip worth the effort!

Want to see them all? People often take trips up and down California to admire the changing landscape. Why not stop to enjoy some shopping and/or selling along the way? From the largest flea markets available to smaller venues with a more carefully curated collection of products, the best sales adventures or travel memorabilia trinkets might be waiting at your next flea market scavenger hunt.

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