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6 Top Selling Wholesale Power Banks

Oct 15, 2019

One thing all smartphone owners need is the power to charge their mobile devices when they are not at home. Imagine trying to capture a selfie with your favorite celebrity or baby’s first steps on video when your phone loses power! Power banks offer a fast charging option that consumers of all ages will love whether they are touring the city or climbing a nearby mountain! Check out our top-selling power banks that come with the lowest wholesale price tag on the market.

ADATA PT100 Power Bank 
Customers will appreciate charging their phones up to five times with this long-lasting ultra-fast charger. The ADATA PT100 power bank will be saving the day time-and-time again with its power-saving feature and multiple circuit protection. Your shoppers will be equally thrilled with its dual USB ports, LED flashlight, and large 1000 mAh battery capacity! 

Power Bank Thick
Want more power? This colorful 10400 mAh battery capacity charger may be just what your accessory display has been missing. As a bonus, this charger comes in an eye-catching array of colors that family members can use as a way to identify their own. 

Power Bank Thin 
For those who favor the trendy colors of the Power Bank Thick yet would like a thinner version for ease-of-carry, show them the Power Bank Thin. Slim enough to go unnoticed in a bag or pocket yet vibrant enough to make a techie fashion statement. Order it in time for the holiday rush because this item makes an excellent stocking stuffer!

Speaking of placing an order, this item is so popular it goes out of stock quickly. But, never fear. If you see this item or another item you would like to purchase listed as “out-of-stock” or if you are looking for an item not found in our catalog, simply text us or fill out our online form to ask us about the item as we can often locate it for you when you place an order for our minimum number of units. 

Solar-Powered Waterproof Power Bank 
Looking for a solar-powered option that can survive a dip in the pool to display on your countertops or endcaps? We have all been there. If your customers want to charge their phones while enjoying their fun in the sun at the beach or the pool, this waterproof charger may be just the product they need. Customers can use this powerful charger anywhere daylight is present to power their phones, tablets, GPS devices, cameras, and more!

Solar Charger with LED 
Are your customers digging the solar-powered and waterproof vibe? Try waterproof, dust resistance, shockproof, drop-resistant, and 0.33 pounds! This power bank takes charging to the highest level of convenience by allowing even your occasionally clumsy customers to enjoy harnessing the power of the sun to charge their phones. What could possibly make this power bank more ideal? Wait! Did we mention it comes with two hidden USB ports, an LED torch, and its own carabiner? 

They truly thought of everything when crafting this popular item. In fact, they even made it with environmentally-friendly silica gel. Even your environmentally-conscious consumers will feel good about this purchase. This is one power bank that is sure to tick all the boxes for customers who use any of the major smartphone brands.

Wireless Power Bank Fast Charger
There may be just one more feature you can offer your customers who wish they could carry fewer chords with them when out-and-about. If your customers are searching for a wireless power bank, they will leap for joy when they spot this item on your shelf! With a 10000 mAh battery capacity and weighing less than half a pound, this powerful power bank will provide a quick charge right when your customers need it the most without being bulky in their purses, pockets, or backpacks. 

As you can see from the above sample, our power banks will be a hit with shoppers who own any of the major smartphone brands. Since there is such a high need for these useful products and they make great gifts, we recommend maximizing the temptation for purchase by setting them near the register, on endcaps, and throughout your store wherever mobile device-related items are located. After one all-day adventure where their phone began to lose power at the most inopportune moment, this is one impulse buy your customers will be thankful they indulged in! Check out wholesale power banks online and place your order to stock up on these top-selling items today.

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