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Wholesale Chargers

Are you looking for the wholesale cell phone chargers that everyone wants? You’ve come to the right place! We have the colors, patterns, and, of course, lightning-fast performance consumers are searching for online and at the flea markets and swap meets.

When everyone in the house or office has the same standard phone charger, how do you know which is yours? It’s easy to get confused when they all look alike. But, what if your charger was faster or came in a different pattern or color?

At Mighty Wireless, wholesale cell phone accessories are our passion! This means we stay on top of all the latest buying trends so you can enjoy your time spent shopping our enormous selection of all the hottest-sellers like our powerful cell phone chargers. Stock up on these items and much more to see why Mighty Wireless is the “Go-To” store for all your wholesale accessory needs!

Wall Charger With 2 PD and 1 USB Ports MW668
Wall Charger Qualcomm Fast Charging Single Port Wholesale Plug-MW612
Wall Charger Double PD and Single USB Port PD04
Speaker Charger 5.5mm DC Plug 9V MW9V5
Speaker Charger 5.5mm DC Plug 15V MW15V5
Speaker Charger 5.5mm DC Plug 12V MW12V5
Speaker Charger 4.0mm DC Plug 9V MW9V4
Speaker Charger 4.0mm DC Plug 15V MW15V4
Speaker Charger 4.0mm DC Plug 12V MW12V4
Single PD Wall Charger S20
Single PD Wall Charger P40
Single PD Wall Charger NOTE10