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18W PD Wall Charger With USB Port And PD Cable 3FT MW8184 BLACK

UPC Code : 689299481846BLACK

Category : Wholesale Chargers

Price Per Piece : $5.00

MW8184 - the ultimate charging solution featuring an 18W PD Wall Charger with USB Port and a 3FT PD Cable in sleek black, designed to power up your devices with speed and style.

Color: Black

Cable: Type-C - iPhone

Key Features:

1. Rapid Charging: With 18W of Power Delivery (PD), the MW8187 ensures lightning-fast charging for your devices, reducing downtime and keeping you connected.

2. USB Port Convenience: Equipped with a USB port, the MW8187 offers versatility, allowing you to charge multiple devices simultaneously.

3. PD Cable Included: Our combo deal comes complete with a 3FT PD Cable, providing the perfect length for convenient charging.

4. Compact and Portable: Sleek and compact, the MW8187 is designed for portability, making it perfect for travel or everyday use.

5. Universal Compatibility: Compatible with a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and more, the MW8187 offers versatility and convenience for all your charging needs.

Upgrade your charging experience with MW8184 and enjoy fast, efficient, and stylish charging for all your devices.