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Esoulk 15W Wireless Charging Stand EK6002

UPC Code : 703557156359

Category : Wholesale Wireless Accessories

Price Per Piece : $15.50

Esoulk 15W Wireless Charging Stand EK6002

Upgrade your charging setup with the Esoulk 15W Wireless Charging Stand EK6002. This sleek and powerful wireless charger is designed to provide fast, efficient charging for your devices while keeping them easily accessible.

Key Features:

1. 15W Fast Wireless Charging: The EK6002 delivers up to 15 watts of power, providing fast and efficient charging for compatible smartphones and other devices. It ensures your devices are charged quickly, reducing downtime.

2. Stand Design: The vertical stand design allows you to charge your phone while keeping it in an upright position. This makes it easy to view notifications, watch videos, or use your phone during charging.

3. Universal Compatibility: Compatible with all Qi-enabled devices, including the latest smartphones from brands like Apple, Samsung, and more. It also works with wireless charging cases and other Qi-compatible accessories.

4. Dual Charging Coils: Equipped with dual charging coils, the EK6002 ensures a wider charging area and more stable charging performance. You can place your device in portrait or landscape orientation without losing connection.

5. Sleek and Modern Design: The stylish design of the EK6002 blends seamlessly with any decor. Its compact footprint makes it a perfect addition to your desk, nightstand, or any other space.

6. LED Indicator: A built-in LED indicator lets you know the charging status at a glance. It provides a subtle glow to indicate that your device is properly aligned and charging.

7. Safe Charging: The EK6002 includes multiple safety features such as overcharge protection, temperature control, and foreign object detection. These features ensure that your devices charge safely and efficiently.

8. Case-Friendly: This wireless charging stand is designed to charge through most phone cases, so you don’t need to remove your case every time you charge your device. It works with cases up to 5mm thick.

Experience the convenience and efficiency of wireless charging with the Esoulk 15W Wireless Charging Stand EK6002. Its combination of fast charging, versatile design, and safety features makes it an essential accessory for keeping your devices powered up and easily accessible.