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Why Flea Markets are Expected to Surge in 2021

Mar 01, 2021

Flea market vendors may see a surge in business in 2021. As spring approaches, shoppers begin to explore more outdoor activities, and flea markets could become the new favorite family outing. Here’s why.

Outdoor Shopping is Safer
The pandemic has brought a couple of changes to consumer buying patterns. In an effort to avoid contact with COVID-19 and other potentially harmful pathogens, many people have turned to shopping online. However, in doing so, some of the benefits of seeing the products up close are lost. Flea markets offer a happy balance where buyers can stay outdoors and well-spaced apart while getting a closer look at items before purchasing. Additionally, buyers are able to speak with the vendors to ask questions and discover the latest innovations.

Shopping is a Social Activity
Although meeting friends indoors may be tricky during the pandemic, the flea market is a much safer and arguably more entertaining option for outdoor social activities. There is so much to explore and talk about! Instead of meeting for a chat at the coffee shop, friends can continue having fun as they peruse through the rows of unique, popular, and must-have items available. Plus, there is always an excellent chance of finding the right items at a great price as vendors are often able to pass along the savings from avoiding the expense of a brick-and-mortar store to their customers.

Family Activity
But, flea markets are not just for friend outings. They are also the perfect place to shop with family members in need of some power downtime away from all the screens. This is one field trip that can become a weekly treasure hunt for families of all sizes without breaking the entertainment budget. Couple a beautiful day at the flea market with a family game night and dinner at home and you’ve got an inexpensive family bonding experience you can repeat again and again!

Inspirational and Impromptu Shopping is Back!
Another potential problem with shopping online is the missed opportunities for impromptu buys. While there are many ways for vendors to cross-sell products and introduce new or related products to buyers online, there are significantly more chances to place items in front of shoppers at the flea market. Endcaps, checkout counters, inviting signs, and creative displays are just some of the ways vendors are turning their booths into attractive and engaging storefronts. This opens up endless possibilities for creating welcoming or attention-grabbing booths that compel buyers to visit as well as offer an inviting space to linger longer.

More Vendors Means More Products to Browse
On that note, buyers could be expecting to find more products to browse at flea markets in 2021 with more entrepreneurs and startups entering the market as a result of job transition. When plants and companies first halted production and laid-off workers at the start of COVID-19, many decided it was time to become business owners and gain more control over their financial futures. An increase in businesses equals a larger selection of items to sell. The good news for vendors is the more interesting booths and products to browse the more attention the flea market will draw from consumers. Also, this added population could negate the impact of any friendly competition.

How Do I Choose the Items to Sell?
One of the fastest-selling trends at flea markets is cell phone accessories. Popular Bluetooth items such as earbuds and speakers or practical products such as power banks, chargers, and car mounts are all superb products to display because they are both impromptu buys and useful items every cell phone user either needs or will want to own. Best of all, it is inexpensive and easy to get started with reselling MW cell phone accessories at your local flea market. Between our low minimums and our unbeatable prices on thousands of the hottest sellers of the year that are in-stock and ready to ship, you will be able to grow at your pace and build a bigger inventory for less!

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