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Wholesale Products That Enhance Distance Learning

Jul 01, 2020

With homeschooling on the rise and many school buildings remaining closed for the upcoming fall semester, we offer wholesale cell phone accessories and other helpful products that can enhance students' distance learning efforts. Consumers are seeking ways to make learning at home easier and more fun, and these items are in extremely high demand as a result! Stock up on these items in time for back-to-school buys.

Improving Focus With Noise-Canceling Earbuds
The first thing students and family members have to consider when thinking of setting up a homeschool environment is some way to keep the peace while maintaining focus on schoolwork, remote job-related tasks, and household tasks. By purchasing noise-canceling earbuds from your store or booth, consumers can increase productivity, improve focus, and have more free time to use the earbuds for entertainment purposes. This is a must-have item for working parents and teens as well as all students.

Staying Connected With Fast-Charging Cables
While concentration is essential for learning and school performance, nothing can be accomplished online without a charged device. Therefore, be sure to display our fast-charging cables for quick learning device readiness with your back-to-school supplies. We carry a large selection of cable colors, styles, and features to match your customers' personal flair and charging needs.

Working Together Using Wireless Dongles 
No more hovering around a tablet or smartphone on larger assignments. Complex problems and projects can require a bigger screen. Gaining extra space to solve, create, share with family and other students, or simply enjoy in full size is a breeze with our wireless dongles. Try setting these items beside a monitor or television that is using the dongle to run a video from your phone or tablet to generate more interest in this innovative tool.

Tools That Make Videos and Selfies Easier
Many projects and personal posts call for pics and videos. But, how do you hold the phone and take the video at the same time? This is where our quality tripods and selfie sticks come in handy. Finally, students can avoid bugging working parents, only capturing part of their faces, or dangerously propping the phone up on an unstable surface for the right angle. Plus, these compact lightweight tools will be perfect for family photos and videos while on vacation or creating memories at home.

Flexible Holders for More Comfortable Use
Speaking of tools that hold phones, students can get the proper viewing and recording angle every time with our lazy phone and tablet holders! Ideal for online reading assignments, tests, Tik Toc, YouTube, and so much more! These holders are a hit with mobile device owners of all ages and interests.

Kickstands for Portable Propping
Sometimes students simply want to prop up their phones without having to search for a lazy holder or tripod. With kickstands, they can get just the right angle for viewing wherever they roam! This is because the kickstand attaches at the back of the phone making it available to use anytime anywhere.

Use These to Increase Storage!
After completing project-after-project, students will begin to need extra storage solutions to keep their phones, tablets, and laptops working at optimum performance. That’s why parents and students alike begin shopping for USB drives and SD cards at this time of year. Browse our huge selection of memory solutions that every mobile device, laptop, or desktop owner should have. Then, place them near all your back-to-school supplies and mobile device accessories for fast sales!

Hence, when it comes to quick sales items during back-to-school days or any time of the year, Mighty Wireless is your one-stop-shop for all your wholesale cell phone accessories and more! We carry all the items your customers want at the lowest prices on the market. Our low pricing comes from years of cultivating relationships with high quality producing manufacturers. We want to share those savings with you and help your business grow with our trusted brands, flexible shipping, informative website articles, and 24x7 customer service. Take just a few minutes to register with us to start taking advantage of our low minimum order requirements and unbelievable prices! We know you will return again-and-again for more savings, better products, and superior customer care. Begin taking your business to the next level with us today!



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