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Wholesale Cell Phone Accessories Your Customers will Love While Camping

Aug 01, 2020

Find the lowest prices anywhere on the hottest selling wholesale cell phone accessories with the best quality and connectivity, even while camping under the stars! Where most forms of travel may be restricted, many customers are discovering the joys of the great outdoors for their social distancing weekend getaways. Help them stay safe, remain connected, and add some style of their own to their big or small adventures with these wholesale items!

Need a Charge?
In the past, unplugged and off-the-grid may have been the goal of outdoor expeditions. Today, people enjoy bringing their favorite tunes, online friends, modern items of comfort, and social media production tools along for the journey. That said, none of these electronic gadgets can perform without power! Therefore, make it easy to power all devices the entire trip with fast-charging accessories like our power banks, wireless chargers, and car chargers. 

Path Finding the Easy Way
Of course, another critical item every camper needs is a way to arrive safely at the destination without struggling to see the directions, make a call, or find that perfect track to play. That's why having a car mount and Bluetooth FM transmitters are essential to every road trip. With these hands-free items, even the most stubborn drivers will have a blast while asking for turn-by-turn navigation!

What is a Vacation Without Music?
Once camp is set up, it's time to relax with a camping playlist that may contain anything from audiobooks to the latest album from top music artists. Whatever your shoppers' preference, the sound clarity and extended Bluetooth range will be spot on with our large variety of portable speakers. Let customers choose the speaker color and style that catches their eye. Looking for super bass, backpack clip-ons, or a larger sound to provide tunes for the nearby deer? We have all the speakers your shoppers want for their hiking, boating, fishing tours, or memorable campfire songs!

Make the Call of the Wild a Clear One
Few things are as annoying as trying to carry on a conversation over the phone and you cannot hear what the other person is saying or listening to an audiobook that cuts in and out. If your shoppers are in the great outdoors taking in that fresh air and they have enough bars to receive a call, they will need a top-quality pair of Bluetooth earbuds or headset for hearing and conveying important information like "A bear is in our tent! Get help!!" or simply staying in touch with wandering family members. Instead of irritating static, offer consumers a chance to talk without interference with these reliable picks that work with all the most popular mobile devices!

Walkie-Talkies Have Been Replaced!
Remember when the answer to communication when outside was carrying a walkie-talkie around? This meant one hand had to hold the device at all times or have a spare pocket for the bulky product. Now, instead of cumbersome communications devices, help consumers free up their hands by offering smartwatches as a way to communicate, play tunes, or count steps while on trails because sometimes it's the little things that make the biggest difference!

Something to Smile About
Groups and individuals alike will be eager to capture this exciting adventure via images and videos. By offering an assortment of our mini selfie sticks and mini tripods, your consumer will have the opportunity to turn an awkward selfie into an epic story to post and remember! With tools like these, every weekend excursion can become a memorable family moment.

Adopt the "Be Prepared" Motto
It's the Boyscout motto for good reason when it comes to safety! But, keeping clear connectivity is only part of what Mighty Wireless, Inc. offers to help your shoppers stay safe while exploring and vacationing. Camping consumers will also appreciate our huge selection of PPE items such as fashion cloth face masks, hand sanitizer, and wipes as they stop by local stores for supplies or clean up for meals. 

In short, you can offer the best-selling cell phone accessories and PPE items for your customers' camping activities, outdoor fun in the sun, or family vacations by stocking up on products from Mighty Wireless, Inc. Best of all, since we offer the lowest prices you'll find anywhere on the market, the most dependable quality, the most flexible shipping, and 24x7 customer service, you will save time and money building your inventory. Why wait? Fill out our online form to register with us to begin taking advantage of our low minimums today!! 

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