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Wholesale Cell Phone Accessories That Make Phone Images Look Professional

Sep 15, 2020

Even the best cell phone images can look like the ones taken by the professionals with these wholesale accessories! With each new model, cell phone cameras are improved for sharper images. These five products can help!

Get Better Angles With Mini Selfie-Sticks
Those who take selfies know all to well the awkward phone-holding arm pose. No matter which angle you take the image from, there is no getting around that extended arm. This is a real problem as consumers are increasingly sharing their life's adventures online with friends, family, teachers, and classmates. This is why our mini selfie sticks allow consumers to take center stage! It's like having an extra pair of hands to capture the individual's experience in a more natural-looking pose. Plus, these mini selfie sticks are so tiny they can travel anywhere the star of the show goes without having to lug around heavy equipment! Best of all, the photographer remains in control of the angle and lighting. This means no camera crew is required for these quick pics or captivating stories! 

Improve Portraits & Landscapes With Mini Tripods
Sometimes, a full-length or panoramic view is the goal. Let your shoppers go hands-free to capture such moments and stunning landscapes with our mini tripods that will securely hold the individual's cell phone in place on a stable platform. At the click of a button or by using the camera timer on the phone, the image or video is recorded and instantly available for review. Our mini tripods are perfect for capturing those front porch family pics, holiday family gatherings, or school portraits.

Use a Remote for the Right Timing 
Wherever the cell phone is set up to take the image or video, it helps to have a remote for the camera. We sell mini tripods with a remote button for this level of control as well as smartwatches that can sync up with the cell phone's camera. Both are excellent options as they eliminate the need to rely on a timer to take the best frame. Instead of running back and forth to set up the timer only to find it too difficult to get the family into the right pose before the time runs out and the image is taken, consumers are able to wait for the right moment and snap the pic immediately or start the video when ready.

Be Prepared to Keep a Charge Longer 
One of the most frustrating things that can happen when lined up for that unbelievable moment to capture in an image or video is for the cellphone to lose power. Fortunately, we sell the top-trending power banks and mobile device chargers that work with all major brands of smartphones. With our power products backing your shoppers' treasured memories, they will never have to worry about missing out on capturing their grandson's winning dive, their daughter's first school dance, or their favorite camping trip moments. 

Add Memory for More Storage
But, running out of storage space is just as much of an issue for many smartphone users! Help your customers take as many pictures and videos as they need until they get it just the right lighting, angles, subject, and subject position for posting and sharing by offering their choice of our dependable memory products. Choose from our large selection of fun and application-ready USB designs. From a poseable Iron Man's hand USB to a professional 64-GB USB flash drive and Micro SD card, we have everything your consumers want for storing their most cherished pics and video clips!

View Images on the Big Screen
If your shoppers have captured a special event or trip they want to share or relive on the television with friends and family, then they will LOVE our full HD 1080P HDMI screen-mirroring display adapter! This WiFi WiDi dongle includes built-in hot spots with 2.4G+5G dual-band technology and faster file transfer that can produce HD video streaming without delay. All aspiring professional photographers and videographers should have at least one of these!

Thus, the above are just some of the wholesale products we carry that every cell phone owner should have in a purse, backpack, home, and car to help turn everyday phone images into professional-looking portraits! Discover all the hottest-selling smartphone accessories on our safe and secure website. With the lowest prices on thousands of top-quality items in stock, why shop anywhere else? Sign up to register with us today, and find out why Mighty Wireless, Inc. is everyone's favorite wholesale cell phone accessory store! 


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