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These Items Make it Easy to Open a Retail Business

Sep 28, 2021

When opening your retail store, your business success depends on stocking your inventory with the right items that make reselling not only easy but fun! Cell phone accessories are the perfect choice for inexpensive scalable products that can attract attention for boosting sales both online and off. Check out our list of top pics for the ideal products to start building your new reseller store.

Bluetooth Earphones 

We get it. At first glance, Bluetooth accessories like high-quality earphones and headphones sound too expensive for your new venture. However, by seeking out suppliers with long-standing relationships with trusted manufacturers, you will have the opportunity to buy these items at incredibly high margins that leave plenty of room to attract customers with your jaw-dropping Bluetooth earphone deals!

At Mighty Wireless, for example, our huge selection of in-stock wholesale wireless Bluetooth earphones start at only $5.50 per item! Wired versions begin at a mere $1.20 per item. Plus, we carry only high-quality products that are in stock and ship fast. Looking for our top-sellers? You can view items with premium features like Active Noise Cancellation, transparency mode, and a customizable comfort fit on our website. Once you start spreading the word you have these items available at lower prices than your competitors, you can bet your customers will be back for more purchases and telling their friends and family members about your amazing prices and products.

Cell Phone Car Mounts
An equally hot-selling item that is inexpensive for new retailers or wholesalers is car mounts for cell phones. Why? Going hands-free with technology is not only trending, it’s safer and it’s here to stay!

The days of holding a cell phone in one hand while driving are thankfully over. Mobile phone owners are on the lookout for the best ways to jam out playlists, make phone calls, and get directions without searching for their phones. Also, only a select group of newer model cars are equipped with pairing capabilities and a cell phone charging station. Therefore, the driver is often searching for where to safely store a cell phone where it will not fall while the cup holders are being used.

What’s more, with a large variety of mount styles available, you can test out which one sells the fastest without taking up a significant amount of room in your store, warehouse, or booth location. In fact, the smaller and less expensive the better for startup resellers. Smaller items are less costly to ship and more portable for easier transport to trade shows and flea markets.

Memory Cards and Flash Drives

While on the topic of small and portable items that are in high demand, it doesn’t get any lighter weight than memory cards and flash drives! These items are used by students to save or print projects and presentations, professionals across all fields, and parents looking for more ways to store, print, or share photos and videos. Memory products allow your customers to keep their valued pics, clips, and documents in the palm of their hands for faster transfer of data to commercial printers and the flexible ability to open the memory card or flash drive anywhere there is a pc, laptop, or mobile device with the right adapter all while avoiding the cost of data usage when they are not near Wi-Fi.

The cloud is helpful in many ways for storage purposes. But, if your shoppers have a slow Internet speed, weak cell phone signal, any mobile data plan other than an unlimited package, or simply do not trust the cloud, memory cards and flash drives are the convenient and affordable solution for all storage needs.

Why Make Mighty Wireless Your First Stop for Stocking Your Inventory

Now that you have some of our best suggestions for your new retail business, your next step will be to find a supplier that offers the lowest prices on the market, helpful customer service, and fast shipping speeds. At Mighty Wireless, we have carefully cultivated our relationships with quality manufacturers for many years in order to bring our clients better than wholesale pricing on the hottest selling items. Then, we threw in low minimums to help new resellers get started with their early sales process.

Have a question? We’re just a text or phone call away 24 hours per day all seven days of the week via the contact page on our website or by calling (818) 391-7238. Reach out to us anytime about any cell phone accessory or related product. Seriously, your calls make our day! Until then, enjoy this exciting time and let us know if we can help make your new retail business a smashing success.

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