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The Best Retail Displays for Holiday Gifts

Nov 01, 2020

The holidays are coming, and that means it's that exciting time when retailers strategize over gift displays! Draw attention to the best-selling items on everyone's list with these suggestions. Are you ready to turn your store into a winter wonderland? Start here!

High-Tech Display 
One thing you can count on is that people of all ages will love is something innovative that enhances their lives. Items like hands-free calling items for use at home, in the car, or while out and about are always a hit! One way to attract attention to your store is to set out Bluetooth earbuds, headsets, speakers, and car FM transmitters in a visible location in your physical store or using a banner on your website. In your brick-and-mortar store or for your vendor booth, we suggest keeping a minimalist display with built-in LED lights and a clean white background to showcase the items. This display has proven results and has been successfully used in a large number of retailers.

Face Mask Assortment
During a pandemic, stocking stuffers will be sure to include the latest in face mask fashions and personal protection equipment (PPE) items make ideal add-ons for gift baskets. Therefore, we suggest a gift basket filled to the brim with PPE supplies and wrapped in clear cellophane with an oversized bow. Be sure trending cloth face masks, disposable face masks, a face shield, and hand sanitizer bottles are visible by placing elevated blocks of styrofoam at the bottom of the basket and covering the platform with shredded holiday-colored crinkle paper. You can make a bigger statement by placing the basket under a decorated tree with a painted fireplace background and a row of stockings with trendy cloth face masks spilling out of the tops.

Move Over Holiday Photo Booth
To engage your audience more, put a modern twist on the traditional holiday photo booth by creating a window display based on Santa’s Workshop that could be the background for store social media posts. Use a Smartphone tripod to have an employee record a video or an image of visitors who would like to pose or do a Tike Tok dance in front of the background that will be uploaded to your Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and/or Tik Tok page. Just be sure to get their written consent first. To add more entertainment to the mix, ask an employee to dress up as Santa and dance, laugh, and interact with social media comments and, of course, store visitors. The window display will offer those walking by a chance to participate without rising contracting COVID-19. This would also be an excellent opportunity for Santa to utilize Live streaming to showcase products.

Family Connection Display
Although many consumers will be away from their loved ones over the holiday season, your connection display can offer them inspiring ideas on how to bring everyone together using technology. Try having large images of people using different items like Smartwatches, Bluetooth car transmitters, and headsets. Also, you could create a story by displaying a pic of a woman using a lazy tablet holder to FaceTime her grandmother in order to prepare a traditional meal together. The more relatable the story, the more likely the display will be effective in leading consumers to make a purchase.

Electronic Home Improvements
To boost the sales on those necessary items that are often overlooked for stocking stuffers and gifts, show videos on an oversized television or monitor in the store where people are actively using the items. For example, someone roasting marshmallows while camping could pull out a power bank to recharge a device. The next scene could be of someone installing and using a dongle to show a home movie of favorite family memories with loved ones. In other words, your store visitors will be more likely to buy the items if you demonstrate how helpful they can be.

Thus, with engaging displays like these, you are sure to have something to attract even those shopping for those gift recipients who already seem to have everything. Plus, with low minimums and thousands of items in stock, Mighty Wireless, Inc. can help you fulfill your small to large orders with fast shipping options and the best wholesale prices on the market! So, what are you waiting for? Register with us today, and start showing consumers why you have the one place they need to go for all the hottest selling items they will want to buy for all of those on their “Nice” list this holiday season.

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