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The Best Bluetooth Items that Sell!

Jun 15, 2021

When stocking your booth or store inventory, how do you know which Bluetooth items will be your best sellers? Sometimes, the products seem so similar it can be hard to tell which make and model will not only attract more sales but also build customer loyalty with their performance. Have no fear! These five items deliver dependable high-quality sound and everyone’s favorite features that make them a must-have for all cell phone users.

Pro 6 TWS Earphones 
What do shoppers love about it? It’s probably better to ask what’s not to love? These earphones offer a modern design, comfortable fit, and sound that is actually adjusted to the shape of the wearer’s ears! The result? Unbelievable sound quality with every use! Now, one earphone style can be effective in providing superior sound to everyone.

But, that’s not all this set of earphones can boast. Once they experience the Active Noise Cancellation feature, your customers will never again want to go back to traditional headsets and earphones! That’s because these earphones adapt to the geometry of the user’s ear to cancel out unwanted sounds and noises in the background while allowing important sounds to be heard clearly. 

HOOKED Wireless Business Headset 
Even the most comfortable earphones may eventually be replaced later in the day with this ear hook headset designed for business use. It gives long-term wearers a chance to receive and place calls effortlessly without sound interference or call drops while providing the added benefit of an outer ear arm that keeps the device in place and prevents device drops. This means staying connected without worrying about the headset falling when looking down at a report or getting a file from the lowest drawer in the cabinet. 

HOOKED Explorer Portable Speakers
When it’s time to play in the sand, swim in the pool, camp in the fresh outdoor air, or hit the weight room, your customers will look forward to breaking out their playlists on one of these top-performing portable speakers! What your shoppers will love about them is the quick pairing feature and the premium sound quality in a small easy-to-carry body. Backpacks, purses, messenger bags, and bike baskets have never sounded this good. This is the perfect item for anyone who wants to enjoy superior sound everywhere they roam! 

Decorative Truck Speakers
Another hot-seller this year that should be on every inventory list is the decorative truck speaker. Whether your customers are fans of the classics or they like trucks with a little added flair, one thing is for sure - they will love these speakers and display them proudly! Best of all, these speakers make ideal birthday, holiday, or Father’s Day gifts for those hard-to-buy-for people. Yeh, you know the ones. They either seem to already have everything or they simply don’t want any more dust-collectors that don’t serve a purpose. Since this truck doubles as both a super cool decorative piece and a quality speaker, it is sure to bring a smile to any car or truck enthusiast! 

12-Inch iBastek Speakers
Let’s face it. Some situations call for cranking up the volume. For those moments like parties or events, family karaoke, and garage band jams, the 12-inch iBastek speakers ensure the only sound disruption that happens is when someone purposely drops the mic after a set! Just imagine what you can do with a ramped-up 8000 peak music power output (PPMO). The possibilities are endless, but all of them involve serious entertainment! It’s easy to see why these speakers are receiving rave reviews from music fans everywhere. Make sure they are part of your summer Bluetooth product inventory by placing your order today!

How to Find These Items for Your Store
Now that you know more about these hot-selling Bluetooth items, you are probably wondering where you can find them. Mighty Wireless stocks thousands of the latest and most frequently searched cell phone accessories and electronics on the market. Each one is ready to ship with flexible options and all clients enjoy our 24x7 customer service. We even do the research for you on the in-demand items of the industry throughout the year and our long-standing relationships with manufacturers allow us to sell those items to you at amazing prices!

Discover the Mighty Wireless difference by filling out our registration form online and shopping on our easy-to-navigate secure website. Get the products your shoppers want at the prices you are going to love! Make Mighty Wireless your go-to wholesaler for all things Bluetooth.

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