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Summer Cell Phone Accessories Your Customers Need

May 01, 2021

Cell phones come with everything your customers need to stay organized and in touch with friends and family this summer. But, there are some accessories that can keep these valuable assets intact and performing at their best. Meet the seven must-have items every cell phone owner will want to buy!

1. Screen Protection
During the summer, people are more likely to be outdoors. This means an increased risk of cell phone drops on hard surfaces like pavement and concrete. Whether heading to the pool, taking a stroll around the neighborhood, or hiking the trails, screen protection is essential for all phone brands and models. Try stocking your inventory with a variety of tempered glass options for a range of cell phone makes and models.

2. Phone Protection
Of course, screens aren’t the only areas of the phone your shoppers will want to protect as it’s just as easy to dent, scratch, or break these beloved pieces of technology. These days, phones are expensive! The last thing any cell phone owner wants is to have to repair the phone or replace it after a drop or something knocking against it in a backpack or purse. Such incidents are fairly commonplace for anyone carrying multiple items like at the pool when each individual may be hauling around many items such as a towel, sunscreen, snacks, water, sunglasses, etc. Therefore, we recommend keeping a full stock of varying colors and styles from hard covers to silicone bumper cases to let your customers select the color and level of protection.

3. Colorful Charging Cables
While drops may be likely, one thing's for certain. Every cell phone will run out of power eventually and need to be charged. Here is another opportunity for cell phone owners to make their phones stand out from the rest with a brightly colored or uniquely patterned cable. Fortunately, there are several options available including fabric cables, gummy cables, and cables that are six feet long for an extended reach.

4. Charger for Multiple Devices
Of course, every cable needs an adapter for wall outlets and a multiple-device charger is likely to sell faster than the single chargers. This is because the majority of cell phone users often live with other cell phone owners who also need to charge their devices and own multiple devices that require charging in addition to their cell phones. A simple solution to the charging dilemma is to purchase a multi-port wall adapter.

5. Car Charger
While on the topic of charging, more of your customers will likely hit the road for summer trips. This means there will be an increased need for car chargers. Although car manufacturers have begun to incorporate charging stations in recent models, older cars only have a cigarette lighter. This leaves a large number of drivers with a need for a charger that fits into their lighter space. Also, many will be searching for a hands-free FM transmitter and Bluetooth pairing charger that will allow them to make calls, switch stations, and listen to their playlists safely.

6. Car Cell Phone Holder
All drivers have a shared concern no matter which make or model of car they own. There is no visible location in the car to place a cell phone. As a result, when the driver is using the map app for directions, the act of picking up the device to see the street name can be cumbersome and unsafe. Plus, the phone is taking up a good portion of the limited space available for drinks in the cup holders or keys and other useful items in driver-handy areas. A car cell phone holder can secure the device safely to the air vent or dashboard of the car freeing up helpful space and allowing the driver to enjoy a safer road trip.

7. Tripods for Cell Phones
Lastly, one thing that is popular with cell phone owners is posting pics and videos on social media. Newer models of cell phones come with incredible cameras and video options. However, it can be difficult to prop up the phone at the right angle using shelves and countertops around the house. Besides, what if the cell phone user wants to go outside for the pic or video? An inexpensive solution is to purchase a tripod. Tripods allow users to both capture that perfect angle and prevent drops and falls making them a necessary tool for those wishing to post on social media.

How to Afford All of These Items for Your Retail Location
Now that you know which items your shoppers will need for their cell phones, remember variety is the key! The good news is Mighty Wireless offers the lowest wholesale pricing available. This means you can afford to buy more for your store or booth without breaking your budget. Plus, you can use our low minimum order requirements to start small or replenish your stock! 

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