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Stock Your Vendor Booth With Wholesale Face Masks and Shields

Jun 01, 2020

With the reopening of businesses and public places, including outside venues such as flea markets and swap meets, it is time to stock up on hot-selling wholesale items that everyone is searching for like face masks, hand sanitizer, and body wipes! Find the products that are sure to sell quickly at Mighty Wireless, Inc. We are the "Go-To" wholesale store for quality merchandise like these 9 hard-to-find personal protective equipment (PPE) items!

KN95 Respirators
When healthcare workers and first responders need the ultimate in protection against small-particle droplets like those produced in a sneeze or cough, they reach for KN95 respirators! This is because these face shields are 95% or more effective at blocking out airborne viruses like COVID-19. These face masks come in two styles, one with an air vent for superior breathability and one without. Both include luxuriously soft cotton, activated carbon and melt-blown filtration layer, an adjustable nose clip for a more snug seal, and stretchable braided headbands for lasting comfort.

Disposable Face Masks 
Those looking for a one-time use face mask will love our single and 3-layer options! Customers who are in the healthcare profession or work with the public close up and must change their masks out frequently appreciate these easy-to-use and toss designs. For convenience and lightweight material, these single-use face masks are the reigning champ for frequent mask-changing use or carrying in the car for impromptu use.

Extra Comfort Reusable Face Masks
Of course, for those who are desire a spa-like level of comfort, nothing is more silky-smooth and stretchy around the ears than our fabric reusable face masks. Since these masks have a memory to the shape of the wearer for a tighter seal yet is gentle enough not to leave line imprints, this could be many of your customers' favorite daily grab-and-go mask! It comes in a variety of solid colors to choose from, which means there is one for every member of the household. 

Cloth Patterned Reusable Face Masks
Speaking of something for everyone, our patterned fashion face masks are made with an array of attractive prints. Of course, the American flag version might be your top-seller in June as the 4th of July fast approaches! Browse our selection of patterns to see which is your favorite and place your orders today.

Leather Face Masks
Patterns are fun, though a blend of cotton softness and breathability with the appeal of a modern leather-sewn front makes our leather style of face masks a hit with motorcyclists and skiers who may face snow and rain. The addition of vents around the nose and mouth allow protection from the elements while not fogging up the user's eyewear. Be sure to offer all three colors: black, red, and blue!

Face Shields
For the ultimate in protection against even the finest airborne particles, our plastic face shields will allow people of all ages to walk around the flea market or swapmeet without risking infection from COVID-19 germs. These shields also avoid any issues in terms of breathability as no material is in contact with the mouth and nose. We carry two styles of face shields. Both are specially made for transparent viewing and feature anti-fog and anti-glare attributes.

Hand Sanitizer
Another PPE item that is hard to find these days is hand sanitizer. While outside the home, consumers will be able to purchase a quick way to remove germs off their hands while on-the-go as soap and water may be difficult to come by. Select all five options in our online catalog to see which is your favorite!

Alcohol Disinfectant
Perfect for sanitizing face shields and other hard surfaces, our disinfectant is made of 75% alcohol. Also, it is an ideal size to fit in any car, purse, or backpack. Best of all, this product requires no wiping as it will evaporate within minutes of application!

Personal Cleansing Wipes
Sprays and gels are great for hands and hard surfaces. However, disposable personal cleansing wipes will be able to offer that refreshed feeling following a day in the sun. All Body Logics' wipes are comprised of all-natural ingredients, are paraben and alcohol-free, and dry quickly with no sticky residue. Coming in a large 12" x 12" size, one sheet is enough to clean the entire body!

Therefore, when you are planning which wholesale products to purchase for your store or flea market, swapmeet, or tradeshow vendor booth, consider giving consumers the option of purchasing what they need the most to enjoy being back in public once again with these PPE items. In addition to boasting a large inventory for popular PPE and cell phone accessories, we have cultivated long-term relationships with our manufacturers to bring you the lowest prices available anywhere and flexible shipping options you'll love! Call us at (909) 413-1233 for pricing and shipping details today! 






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