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PPE & Electronic Accessories Make Perfect Teacher Appreciation Gifts!

Oct 01, 2020

Let your shoppers show their teacher appreciation and school spirit with these helpful and handy cheer-worthy gift ideas from Mighty Wireless! These personal protection items and electronic accessories are sure to be on teachers’ “Favorite Things” lists. Display these items in your store that make student engagement in learning activities both in the classroom and while distance learning at home as easy as 1-2-3!

Help Teachers Feel Safer With These! 
One of the best ways for families to show teachers they care about their awesome efforts in the classroom is to provide equipment that protects them from viral infections like COVID-19 and the flu. At Mighty Wireless, we carry a large selection of hand sanitizer along with face masks that are sure to please even the most discerning of teachers. Our stylish reusable cloth face coverings are sure to boost the teacher’s mood! When students forget their masks or teachers and staff members need a quick grab disposable mask, our one-and-done masks are the perfect protection for those temporary or last-minute needs. Plus, faculty and staff members who are looking for an extra layer of protection will find comfort in wearing our clear vision face shields featuring anti-fog materials, room for glasses, and extensive protection with a wrap-around design.

Bring the Classroom Activities to Life! 
When parents are searching online and in stores for useful items that teachers will appreciate, these classroom must-haves are at the top of our suggestion box! A display dongle will turn any television or extra monitor into a digital workspace for all to see. Bluetooth speakers will add clear sound quality to all media classroom events. To store and transport data, teachers will feel confident with our reliable USB options. 

Concentration-Builders While at Home!
While distance learning, homeschooling, or grading papers, teachers and students alike will thrive with our high-end headsets and earbuds as well as our mobile device accessories like our Lazy Tablet Holders, kickstands, and stylus pens. Our headsets and earbud products will stand out to your shoppers as they quickly discover amazing quality does not have to come with an outrageous price tag! Lazy Tablet Holders bend into virtually any angle allowing teachers and students to read, communicate, and create without having to sacrifice good posture or comfort. Kickstands allow users to talk, surf the Internet, shop, or scroll through social media posts with one hand. Stylus pens have nearly limitless uses with digital illustrations and touch screen selections!

On-the-Go Assistance They'll Love!
While working off-site, teachers can make hands-free calls and track health and fitness goals with their new Smartwatch that families or the parent-faculty organization can purchase at affordable prices. These watches go way beyond telling time as they monitor sleep patterns, count steps, issue sedentary reminders, take pictures, and more! Plus, at prices like this, your store or booth visitors can purchase one for each of their students’ coaches, teachers, and support staff.

Better Classroom Pics!
Another great gift teachers and coaches love is pictures of their students. We offer wholesale mini tripods that will give faculty and staff the opportunity to take portraits and group photos where everyone can be pictured at once. Try promoting our 50” Aluminum Camera Phone Mount with a remote button that works with most major phone brands and has a 23’ range. Weighing less than a pound, this tripod comes with a carry bag that fits easily into a purse, sports bag, backpack, or tote.

Setting up Your Gift Display
With so many present options, choosing the right item(s) to give may be the toughest decision for consumers looking for what will brighten their teachers’ days the most. To inspire your shoppers, try placing a clear cellophane-wrapped basket or bucket with the above products on top of confetti paper. If selling as gift sets, we suggest adding a bow selection that displays local school colors and a coupon for a return visit to your shop. 

Thus, these items can be your top-sellers for teacher appreciation week or any gifting season! Since we offer the lowest prices on the market and fast flexible shipping, you will be able to stock more products everyone wants like these. Once registered, enjoy 24x7 customer service and browsing our site with confidence as we only carry the best quality products available. Complete our registration form and email a copy of your Sales Tax Resale Certification to us at to get started today! 

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