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New 2021 Cell Phone Accessories for Retailers at Mighty Wireless!

Jan 01, 2021

Looking for the hottest 2021 retail trends for cell phone accessories? Mighty Wireless has everything you need to attract sales at the lowest prices you'll find anywhere! Best of all, we're always adding new items to our fastest-selling categories. Check out these latest additions that will make the perfect addition to any retail inventory.

New iPhone 12 Cell Phone Accessories!?
With the new iPhone 12 cell phone series out, you may think you have to pay ridiculously high prices for top quality accessories like charging cords and adapters. But, at Mighty Wireless, we believe retailers and consumers alike should have the same superior technology without the overly inflated cost. That’s why we have spent years cultivating our relationships with trusted manufacturers to bring you unbeatable wholesale prices that are so low you can afford to pass along the savings to consumers to develop customer loyalty and beat out the competition! Order our new iPhone 12 wholesale cell phone accessories like our wireless chargers for $15 per item, car chargers for $2.50 per item, and adapters for $3.50 per item. Now, how does that sound for helping your 2021 inventory budget?

New Bluetooth Speaker Options!
You wanted a bigger sound and a larger selection of Bluetooth speakers for those staying home and scouring the Internet, stores, and flea markets for something fun to do. We not only listened, we took action! How about a twin 15" woofer, 1.5" tweeter, LED display with equalizer and fader? Our manufacturers produce top quality clear sound consumers will love to crank up at any rockin' party! This is what they mean by top-of-the-line. Did someone say karaoke? Some even come with disco lighting and dual microphone input for better karaoke duets or karaoke battles! Many people are planning to spend another year at home during 2021, and these Bluetooth speakers may be exactly what they need to start up a band, learn to play an instrument, write a song, or simply have some fun the neighbors can join in from a safe distance! Just don't call us when the police tell your patrons to keep it down.

New Microphones for the Best Karaoke Experience!
Speaking of karaoke battles, place our new Bluetooth and corded microphones by our Bluetooth speakers and watch them fly off the shelves! These microphones are portable, stylish, super fun, and, oh yeh...wireless! What better way to stay connected to friends and family while apart than a sing-off on Zoom? Consumers can choose their favorite color from three options - black, blue, and red. Set up is a breeze! The LED lights add a touch of disco and excitement to any party. If your shoppers are searching for a fun low-cost option for superior performance, they will go crazy for our Bluetooth speakers and microphones! We recommend displaying them together with memory itemsadapterscables, and our other related products like our 15' LED light strip or our display dongle to give consumers the ultimate in entertainment and boost your sales.

New Truck Bluetooth Speakers!
Need more speaker display suggestions? Our wholesale Bluetooth truck speakers were such a hit with consumers, we started getting flooded with requests for more styles from retail businesses all over the globe! We couldn’t let our Mighty Wireless fans down. So, we spoke with our manufacturer and were able to add a whole line up of new designs to our truck speaker inventory!

New Bluetooth Airpods Pro 4, Earbuds, & Headphones!?
What if we throw in the latest in Bluetooth earphones, earbuds, and headsets? All smartphone owners need a way to make calls or listen to music without cumbersome cords. At these prices, consumers can finally afford to own more than one set or style! These noise-canceling options will provide clear sound without static interference that will build consumer trust in your store products. Remember to add the carrying cases for added protection from drops and to stay organized. Stock up on all our Bluetooth headset styles to see which sell out the fastest!

What Else can You Offer at Mighty Wireless? 
The above deals are incredible offers! But, we’re not done yet! We also believe you should have fast, reliable, and flexible shipping options along with 24x7 customer service. Plus, we love to see startups thrive, so we are offering a low minimum starting at $50 on your order! That’s below wholesale pricing on the hottest 2021 cell phone accessories, faster shipping, and customer service like you’re a celebrity for low minimums. What are you waiting for? Register with us today online


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