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Mobile Accessory Stocking Stuffers that Sell!

Nov 01, 2019

Stockings will soon be hung by the chimney with care, but what will your shoppers want to put in them when the big day finally arrives? Which wholesale accessory items should you stock up on for holiday customers? Chances are if they have anyone over the age of 5 in the house, one of these items will be on their list of hot picks for Santa’s goodie bag. Read on to learn more about these items that will help spread the joy to everyone this holiday season!

Bluetooth Earphones
Thankfully, the days of untangling cords are all but forgotten with the introduction of Bluetooth earphones. Kids and adults alike want the freedom to move around while listening to music, chatting with friends, or playing games on their mobile devices without cumbersome cables getting in the way. Bluetooth earphones offer that freedom, which makes them the ideal gift for all loved ones. Even if the gift recipient already has a pair, one can never have too many of any of the accessories on this list.

As a retailer, you can select from several makes and models at the lowest wholesale prices on the market when you buy from Mighty Wireless. Plus, these earbuds come in their own adorable mini-cases that are a breeze to fit neatly in any stocking shaped display. To take the season cheer a step further, try dressing a manikin head to model the earbuds with a fun holiday hat and scarf.

Power Banks
Talk about your easy sellers! Fast, easily portable and extremely useful are some of the adjectives you can expect your shoppers to use when they review the power banks you buy from us. All mobile device users should have a spare charger, and these are ideal for lengthy travels to visit friends and family over winter break.

With six different models available, you can find something to please any customer. Each type of charger has its own set of popular features to promote, such as solar-powered, water-proof, and long-lasting. There is a power bank to suit every budget and style of transport. Need a strong shockproof casing? No sweat. Offer parents peace-of-mind on their seasonal journeys. To that point, Santa himself could use a power bank like one of these!

Colorful Power Cords 
A variety of eye-catching colors make these power cables stand out on your holiday countertop or end cap display! Most ordinary cords are made to blend, which means they all look the same. So, knowing which one belongs to each family member can be tricky. Add holiday guests to the mix, and trying to find a way to power a device can become a point of contention during what should be a nice visit with family and friends.

Luckily, these cords can solve that problem for your customers. With an array of colors to choose from, everyone in the family can easily see which one belongs to them. Best of all, you can promote these cords that boast a super-fast Micro and Type-C interface that works with most devices as well as a Lightening plug needed for data transfer. Showcase both the 6-foot and 10-foot lengths in your display to see which colors and length sell out first!

Iron Man Hand USB 
We may have saved the best for last as our Iron Man Hand USB is a huge seller for parents of Marvel fans! This creative flash drive has 8GB of memory and adds a touch of iron man humor with the ability to manipulate the fingers. As a bonus, the middle of the hand lights up when your customers are ready to ward off pesky ciblings.

On that note, you may even want to set one out for kids to look at while Mom and Dad are making their purchases because this item makes a phenomenal seasonal impulse buy. They also make a perfect office gift. Just be sure to have our USB adapters available for purchase with the USB so your customers can enjoy this entertaining yet useful holiday gift from the moment they open it.

Therefore, while it can be sometimes difficult for your customers to find something to buy for friends and families, the above items make it a cinch to wrap up holiday gift buying in one quick stop. Place these popular selling Bluetooth earbuds, power banks, power cords, and Iron Man Hand USB in holiday endcaps or counter displays and watch them fly off the shelf! Your biggest challenge this season may be keeping them in stock.

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