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How to Sell More Cell Phone Accessories Starting Now!

Oct 15, 2021

Are your cell phone accessories sales slowing down? Take a competitive lead in your marketing tactics with our favorite innovative tips and strategies that could push your profits past your goals in no time!

Choosing the Right Inventory
You may have a huge selection of cell phone accessories for your shoppers, but your sales won’t increase if your inventory is full of products no one is searching for online. For example, if you are stocking up on outdated phone chargers that no longer fit current cell phone models from all the major brands, you could be losing sales. This is especially true around the holidays when your customers are purchasing gifts and you can bet cell phones, as well as their helpful and/or unique accessories, will be at the top of everyone’s wish list!

Start cultivating a high-selling inventory by working with a wholesaler that keeps its finger on the pulse of the industry. Mighty Wireless attends tradeshows like ASD Marketplace, receives online analytics for keyword searches, and remains in constant contact with trusted manufacturers through longstanding relationships. These manufacturers also do their research to ensure their products are going to be the top-searched items of the season. Hence, all the items you order from Mighty Wireless are current hits on the Internet for consumer searches and purchases.

Aim for Higher Margins to Create Better Deals
You already know you need to buy at low wholesale prices. But, did you know Mighty Wireless has the lowest prices anywhere? Thanks to our relationships with quality manufacturers that enables us to offer lower than wholesale pricing coupled with our belief in providing top-notch customer service, our clients have discovered the biggest secret to selling more cell phone accessories is to order from thousands of in-stock items on our website or through our physical location in Los Angeles, California. We make it easy to bundle your items, offer sales coupons to returning or first-time customers, and earn enough profit to develop a targeted marketing campaign that can grow your business online or off!

The Power of Building Customer Loyalty
Being a competitive reseller means you’ll need to earn the loyalty of your shoppers for repeat business, online engagement, 5-star reviews, and word-of-mouth advertising. Return customers are the bread and butter of any retailer or wholesaler. Once you win them over with your low prices, VIP customer treatment, and top-selling items, you’ll be enjoying a boost in sales in no time! But, in order to offer the best deals on the cell phone accessories your shoppers want, you’ll need to order from a company that can provide you with solid quality at the lowest prices anywhere. After that, we recommend treating your customers as you would like to be treated and offering refunds, store credits, or exchanges on the items you sell that did not meet your customers’ approval. By working with your customers upfront to make sure they are satisfied with each purchase, you will be rewarded with their loyalty and eagerness to share your store name with friends and family members who are also looking for gifts and cell phone necessities.

Develop a Pre-Holiday Sales Strategy Now 
Transform your booth or store into a holiday wonderland now! It may not be Halloween yet, but it’s already time to gear up for your holiday displays that showcase the hottest gifts in cell phone accessories that make the perfect stocking stuffers, friend gifts, and accessories for new cell phone models that will soon be tucked away under the tree. With so many items selling out, your customers will likely be shopping earlier than ever for their favorite accessories to give this holiday season. By placing your holiday orders with us today, you can have your holiday gifts in stock and ready for fast pickup, convenient in-person and online gift browsing, and speedy deliveries for online orders.

Don't Let Shipping Be the Reason You Lose Customers
Ready to order the hottest selling cell phone accessories at the lowest prices? Mighty Wireless has the most flexible, reliable, and fastest shipping options available! This means it’s not too late to build your highly searched inventory in time for holiday sales. Get started by simply completing our online form to register your business and, once approved, you can have fun shopping our online store or stop by our physical location in Los Angeles while feeling confident you are working with the “Go-To” supplier for all your wholesale cell phone accessories needs.

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