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How to Increase Retail Sales with Mighty Wireless

Feb 15, 2021

Give your sales a boost all-year-long with cell phone accessories and electronics from Mighty Wireless! Retailers ranging from flea market vendors to gift stores are always thrilled to find our wholesale cell phone accessories not only have a high mark up but also boast a faster turnover. Discover why our clients love us and what we can do to help your business thrive too!

Lower Than Wholesale Pricing!
We know your first thought as a savvy business owner is about pricing. That's why we are happy to suggest comparing our prices to others on the market. Our long-standing relationships with our manufacturers mean HUGE savings for our clients that translates into the highest markups available anywhere on the market! We even beat out other wholesalers. You can view our transparent pricing on our website and browse through thousands of popular in-stock items!

Superior Quality!
Of course, a lower cost isn't everything. While our prices will help you build your inventory and give you plenty of room to earn a sizeable profit, you'll need dependable product performance to earn consumer loyalty for return purchasing. That's why we only work with select manufacturers we trust! So, you can have fun shopping with us while knowing your items will perform as intended for your store patrons!

Thousands of the Hottest-Selling Products in Stock!
Let's talk about those products for a moment. You hear us say we have the best selling mobile accessories, electronics, and more! What does that mean to your sales? At Mighty Wireless, we do our homework on the latest trends in cell phones and electronics so you can order with confidence from our website. For example, we are a proud exhibitor at ASD Market Week each year. This is the largest B2B trade show in the U.S., and the most innovative manufacturers are there showcasing this year's products. In other words, we are the first to see what is continuing to be a hit on the market from last year and what new items being introduced this year are going to sell so fast they will be hard to keep in stock! 

Low Minimum Orders!
With so much value for your money, you might be thinking we will require large bulk orders. However, our goal is to help small businesses, as well as our larger clients, succeed! It is this commitment that keeps our clients coming back and making us their "Go-To" wholesaler. As a result, we keep our minimums low for startups and established businesses alike! You can save our site to your browser as well for quick access to the best selection of products whenever your inventory is low. View instructions for bookmarking our website to your Chrome browser here or your Safari browser here.

Secure Checkout!
Skip the shady websites that do not offer encrypted protection. When you shop with Mighty Wireless, we value your trust and we make every effort to protect your personal data. Hence, shopping to stock your inventory with wholesalers is a relaxing, affordable, and safe experience with our secure online checkout process using your choice of PayPal, Skrill, Bitcoin, MasterCard, American Express, or Visa account! 

Fast & Flexible Shipping Options!
Sometimes, you will find the product you want only to learn at checkout that your item will not arrive on time or it cannot be delivered to the customer's address. While COVID-19 has made shipment guarantees challenging, we work hard to cultivate relationships with our carriers to offer you more flexible shipping options with faster-expected arrival dates whenever possible. Also, we keep a giant warehouse packed with the most popular products to ensure a smooth ordering and distributing process from start to finish!

24x7 Customer Service!
Searching for a specific or hard-to-find item? Ask us for help. If our manufacturers make it, we will find it for you. Our favorite thing about this industry is working with awesome clients like you! Get in touch with us any day of the week or any time of the day by emailing us at or by texting or calling us at the following numbers:

(818) 391-7238

(909) 636-1812

(909) 413-1233

What are You Waiting For?
Registration using our online form is a breeze! All you need to get started is a copy of your Sale Tax Resale Certificate sent to us at Once approved, you can begin increasing your retail sales with all of these unbelievable benefits that are only found at Mighty Wireless. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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