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How to Discover the Top Selling Items for Your Reseller Business

Oct 29, 2021

Want to know the best ways to discover which products are hot and which items are no longer trending? We've got the five easy steps you should take to start ordering your reseller inventory that will maximize your sales opportunities and attract more customers than ever before!

1. Find Your Niche
Before you start stocking up on this year’s hottest trends, it’s important to decide which type of items you are interested in selling. Oftentimes, resellers try to market a diverse grouping of products thinking the more they offer the more likely they will attract sales. The challenge with this strategy is it can be confusing to your customers and they may be more likely to shop with a vendor that builds trust by specializing in one type of product.

Take cell phone accessories as an example. A reseller that offers only cell phone accessories and related products has more of an opportunity to learn about those items and utilize that knowledge to craft an effective marketing campaign while also attracting and developing a loyal customer base.

2. Check Out the Competition
The number of competitors, their pricing, and their products may also impact the items you decide to sell in your booth, e-commerce store, or brick and mortar store. Start by searching for the product categories and products online to discover your top competitors in your area or within your market. Make note of the items they are promoting, the sales they are offering, and, of course, their pricing for their most heavily advertised products. You can also take this time to see if your pricing model is on target to attract shoppers.

Chances are if your top competitors are promoting certain products, those items are hot sellers and should be on your wishlist or must-haves list for your reseller inventory. For instance, let’s say another reseller is advertising their cell phone cables and you have noticed this same product category is also being promoted on other competitor sites. Now, ask yourself what is it about these cables that make them a trending product? Is it the fashionable design of the cable or perhaps the features the cable can boast like a 10-foot reach or faster-charging speeds? Once you understand what the competition is promoting and why, you can have a better idea of what will sell fast within your niche of products.

3. Google the Items You Plan to Sell
While searching online, doing a Google search for your products and product categories can also help you find out which items are trending in Google’s search history. Take “cell phone accessories”. A popular product catalog will pop up, along with a “People also ask” list. Then, if you click in the search box again, you will see a drop-down list of common related searches. You will also see that list of “Related searches” at the bottom of the first page on the search return. In this case, popular related searches include key phrases like “cell phone accessories list”, “cell phone accessories store” and “cell phone accessories near me”.

4. Attend a Tradeshow
Whenever possible, attending a tradeshow is an excellent way to see which products in your reseller categories are being introduced in the current year, the products that are gaining attention online, and the latest versions of hot sellers that have new features you can promote in your store or at your booth. This is also a wonderful opportunity to network and make connections with experienced resellers who can offer effective business strategies, learn from educational seminars, introduce yourself to potential customers, and meet suppliers face-to-face.

5. Select a Trusted Supplier
If you have followed the above steps, you should have a solid plan for your reseller inventory that is sure to attract customers online and off. However, you will still need to purchase quality products at the lowest price possible and have the items delivered in a timely manner in order to complete your top selling product selection for your reseller business.

At Mighty Wireless, we do all the research on popular cell phone accessories for you while offering high-quality items at the lowest prices you’ll find anywhere! Plus, with over 175 5-star Google reviews, you can shop with us with confidence. We have spent many years cultivating relationships with trusted manufacturers to bring you the best in cell phone accessories that arrive at your place of business or your customer’s doorstep with fast and flexible shipping options. Discover the Mighty Wireless difference for yourself by registering your reseller business with us online and shopping our extensive inventory of thousands of trending in-stock cell phone accessories today!

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