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Help Students and Teachers Stay Safe at School With Wholesale PPE

Sep 01, 2020

Stock up on the wholesale PPE items everyone needs to stay safe at school and while out in the community! These quality products will help teachers, students, and families have the resources they need to reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection during the 2020 and 2021 school year. Best of all, they are in stock and ready to ship straight to your doorstep for contact-free delivery!

Face Coverings
Cloth face masks are recommended by the CDC for school activities, but that does not mean they have to be uncomfortable! Your consumers will love our large selection of fashion face coverings that allow kids and adults alike to look great while staying safe. We suggest promoting each of the following styles to show shoppers you have something for everyone:

     A) Adjustable Face Masks - With so much happening in the world, sporting a favorite pattern, city, nation, or celebrity can go a long way to improve confidence and boost moods of returning students and faculty this fall. One of our most popular mask designs allows the wearer to adjust the ear loops to achieve a more customized snug fit. With a more secure fit, consumers can rest easier while knowing particles are less likely to enter their airways as a result of the sides and edges being too loose a fit.

     B) One-Size Fits Most - Sometimes, your school-goers may want to grab a washable and reusable face masks quickly without worrying about fidgeting with ear adjustments. For such individuals, we carry cloth face coverings with stretchy ear loops. These items offer the convenience of a one-size mask with the softness consumers need to reduce skin irritation.

     C) Cloth Vented Face Masks - For superior breathability, many people search for cloth vented face masks. These masks are especially useful for athletes, outdoor activities, and those wearing a mask for extended periods of time who require more oxygen flow. Plus, they are reusable and easy to wear for most teens and adults.

     D) Leather Vented Face Masks - Give your shoppers the ultimate in style and protection from the elements with our leather vented face coverings! Motorcycle fans enjoy the shielding properties of these masks as they ride through the cold, rain, and road debris. As colder weather arrives, students and teachers will appreciate the elevated wind-blocking power of this design coupled with the breathability of the nose and mouth features.

     E) Disposable Face Mask Pack - Arguably the easiest face covering to store and wear is a light-weight three-layer face covering with elastic ear loops that can be thrown away after each use. Perfect for dusting, woodworking projects, yard work, food processing, and more, these disposable masks have a 95% bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) rating. Each box includes 50 face masks with an adjustable nose bridge to create a tighter seal during use.

     F) KN95 Protective Masks - Those who require a higher level of protection from roaming particles will appreciate our KN95 face masks. Each mask has been approved for up to 95% filtration efficiency against non-oil based particles and aerosols. Our KN95 face masks come in vented and non-vented options to assist your shoppers with finding the right mask fit and design for their needs.

Face Shields
Another trend with COVID-19 has been the increase of face shield wearers. Consumers will enjoy this ultra-transparent face protection that may be worn with most glasses and prevents fogging for extended-wear comfort. Plus, cleaning is a breeze! Simply use one of our alcohol-based sprays to wipe down the shield and prepare it for the next project or public event.

Hand Sanitizer
Regardless of which face mask your shoppers prefer, effective hand sanitizer will be on every teacher and student’s must-have supply list for school throughout the year! This is particularly important for times when students, teachers, and staff members cannot access soap and water, such as during classroom activities. Best of all, we have all sizes and styles your shoppers are searching for in stock and ready to ship! 

Therefore, shop our website to find the PPE students and teachers will have on their wishlists this year! Not registered with us? No problem! Simply fill out our registration form and email a copy of your Sales Tax Resale Certificate for fast approval. With low minimums on the hottest selling products, flexible shipping options, and 24x7 customer service, Mighty Wireless, Inc. is the place to go for all your inventory back-to-school protective wear and smartphone accessory supplies!


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