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Bluetooth Speakers That Sell!

Feb 01, 2021

Spring and summer fun in the sun would not be the same without high-quality sound from these Bluetooth speakers! From portable beats made for chillin’ by the water to superior bass that will turn any neighborhood activity into a party, we’ve got it all in stock at Mighty Wireless. Not sure which to choose? Check out our top hits at unbelievable prices!    

Truck & Car Speakers
Car and truck fans or those who are into nostalgic gifts will love our wide selection of vehicle replica Bluetooth speakers designed to look like classic models, low-riders, SUVs, and more! A few examples include:

  • Lowrider - If your shoppers have a passion for tripping out their rides, our lowrider truck speakers will be hard to resist. These truck replicas are just like the real thing, but portable and ready to rock both in the office or at home!

  • SUV - What about crossovers? Our SUV replica Bluetooth speaker sports the ultimate crossover styling while providing wireless tunes to turn any room into an oasis of sound and memories of favorite road trips! 

  • Classic Trucks - Speaking of reminders of the past, our classic truck models will help consumers reminisce about the 1940s and 50s. Albums from artists like Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday, and Hank Williams played on these speakers can transport anyone back in time to some of the earlier beginnings of jazz, the blues, and rock-n-roll!

Small yet Mighty! 
Need some powerful sound quality for those who plan to crank up the volume on road trips and outdoor adventures? Mighty Wireless offers several portable speakers to fit any budget and quality needs!

  • Bazooka Speakers - Ranging from only $10 to $26 per item, our Bazooka-shaped Bluetooth speakers are always hot-sellers at any retail store or flea market! Easy to toss in a backpack or in the basket of a bike, these speakers are ideal impulse buys when placed with cell phone accessories, swimsuits and beach bags, or on an endcap by themselves.

  • Water-Resistant - For poolside or ocean jam sessions,, you cannot beat our Hooked super-bass water-resistant portables that come in black, blue, red, and camouflage colors. These speakers are perfect for beachgoers, sprinkler jumpers, or water parks without compromising on sound quality!

  • Super Affordable & Pocket-Sized - For a quick grab-n-go speaker that's so small it can fit into a small purse, check out our pocket-sized speakers. These personal speakers were made for students who want a way to listen to whatever they're into while on-the-go or relaxing at home. Plus, many people use music to help sharpen their recall ability. Therefore, we suggest placing this item near our stylus pens, memory cards and USB flash drives, phone tripods, and selfie sticks to help prompt convenience buying they're going to love!

  • Karoake Anywhere! - But, if consumers are looking for portable Bluetooth speaker options for Karaoke while camping or taking a road trip without compromising on performance, then they'll need our 8-inch YAT speaker! This item is ready to share some serious musical talent with the world or simply play some streaming tunes. While placing your order, don't forget to check out our other equally popular YAT Bluetooth speaker options at amazing prices!

Garage Band & Karaoke Must-Haves
In addition to the YAT products we sell, we also carry some serious iBastek Bluetooth speakers for musicians, singers, and families who want to rock! 

  • More Power, Please! - When eight inches of sound wave performance is too little yet 15-inch models are too expensive, our 12-inch speaker by iBastek with LED lights is just right! But, don't be fooled by the smaller size. This little brother to our 15-inch systems is fully equipped to handle novice music recordings, family special events or Karaoke nights, and so much more! 

  • Outdoor Performances & Announcements - Sometimes, louder is better! For dependable quality when it counts, your shoppers will appreciate our 15-inch speaker systems that were built to reach the student all the way in the back row of the gymnasium. Social-distancing will not put a damper on these awards banquets or team sports!

  • Let the Ultimate Karaoke or Garage Band Battles Commense! - For top-of-the-line clarity where one can perform like a rockstar, it doesn't get any better than the huge sound coming from our top-of-the-line 15-inch iBastek Bluetooth speaker system! This was speaker made for the discerning ear as well as those looking to put on a show for friends, neighbors, or small venue concerts. What's better? It comes with two microphones ready for duets or singing throwdown challenges!

How to Order the Best Selection in Wholesale Speakers
For wholesale pricing and superior sound, you cannot beat the in-stock speaker selection at Mighty Wireless! Plus, we have low minimums on every order making it easy to start your business or re-stock your supplies without going over budget. Not registered yet? We can't wait to show you the Mighty Wireless difference! Simply fill out our online registration form and email us a copy of your Sale Tax Resale Certificate today to get started!

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