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Best Selling Smartphone Accessories on Mighty Wireless

Oct 01, 2019

If only you had a crystal ball to know what your customers will want to buy so you can stock up on the right items. Knowing what consumers want can be tricky. We understand how you feel, and that’s why we made this list of some of our hottest selling 2019 smartphone accessories.
Wireless Bluetooth Earphones 
Of all the cell phone and tablet accessories, the one thing you should have on both your teenager and adult gift idea lists is a good set of wireless Bluetooth earphones! While talking on the phone or listening to music, your customers will love sporting the latest accessory tech you bought at wholesale prices from Mighty Wireless. We have a large variety of earbuds and headsets for you to keep in stock that work with all major phone manufacturers, come in a variety of colors and styles, and offer phenomenal sound quality to even your pickiest consumers. 

Solar Powered Waterproof Power Banks
Something everyone can agree on is how quickly our techie toys can lose power and break. We sell the best quality screen protectors and cases, and when you couple those with our waterproof, dustproof, shockproof and drop resistant power banks, your customers will be able to relax and enjoy keeping their phones and back-up power banks handy and always ready-for-use, even when they drop them! We offer premium wholesale power banks that will forgive those “Ooops!” moments, like dropping them in the pool, setting them in the hot sun, leaving them on the dusty construction site table, or dropping them on that rocky dirt trail while hiking. Best of all, your shoppers will no longer need to keep up with yet another cumbersome chord that is always getting lost or battery that needs replacing! That’s because these amazing power banks run on the energy of the sun. Shoppers will be thrilled to stream movies wherever they roam knowing they won’t skip a scene with their solar-powered chargers. 

Wifi Display Dongle
What if your customers want to share their downloaded movies or captured moments via pictures and videos with the rest of the family? Whether it is a video taken at the local swimming pool, a mountain climbing expedition, or while roasting s’mores in the backyard, our Wifi Display Dongle makes it possible to cast images and movies onto a television, projector, or LCD screen. So, what the customer sees on his phone screen, his friends and family can comfortably view on the big screen.

Auto Bot Car Vent Mount
We would be remiss if we did not address your car safety-conscious customers, which would be those ages 16 and up. Anyone who can drive will want a way to listen to music, locate your retail store, or chat with friends and family safely and hands-free while on the road. Engineered to look stylish and sleek, the Auto Bot Car Vent Mount safely and securely attaches to the air vent of your customer’s car. Using the holder is as simple as your customer sliding his phone into the auto adjustable universal phone mount and letting the gravity grip go to work! No magnet backing needed. Just drop and go. Rush hour traffic will never again be able to hold your customers back from connecting with loved ones or listening to their favorite audiobook. 

Lazy Tablet Holder
This adjustable device holder is a hit with people who want to use their mobile devices hands-free when they are not in the car. Our favorite feature with our Lazy Tablet Holder is the flexible wire that allows your customers to watch their devices from any angle. Plus, it’s a breeze to install with the clip base! Following a recipe while cooking, stabilizing the device for making a video, or catching up on the latest tv series while working out on the treadmill are a few examples of some of the many applications customers can use this creative holder. 

As you can tell, the above smartphone accessories would appeal to tween, teen and adult customers alike. Your shoppers who appreciate the great outdoors will be just as likely to purchase these accessories as those who value a trip to the mall as their favorite form of entertainment. They make great holiday, birthday, and “just because” gifts for anyone who owns a smartphone. In fact, they are so popular they occasionally go out of stock, despite our huge inventory! If you would like to purchase our minimum number for an item that is not currently in stock or an item that is not found in our catalog, we oftentimes can locate smartphone accessories on your customers’ wishlist with the lowest prices on the market and faster shipping times than other wholesalers. So, be sure to drop us a line by texting or calling us at (909) 413-1233. We look forward to hearing from you and learning about which smartphone accessories are your customers’ 2019 favs!

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