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Best Selling Cell Phone Charging Cables

Jul 01, 2021

Everyone who owns a mobile device will need one of these top-selling charging cables! From iPhones to Android products, these items are high in demand and allow your customers to continue catching up on social media channels and building playlists without skipping a beat. Stock your inventory with these popular cables your shoppers will be searching for today!

Patterned Cables
Let the personalization continue from smartphone colors and cases to...cables? You bet! Textured and patterned cell phone cables are the perfect pairing for anyone trying to stand out from the rest. Now, keeping up with one’s own cord is a breeze when it has a unique pattern and color. Bye-bye boring neutrals! Hello, stylish and distinguishable!

Flat Fabric Cables
Prevent cracking and bending with this specially constructed flat fabric cable that is designed to last! Anyone who has stuffed the same cord into a bag or purse repeatedly knows they are not usually built that tough. For those cable users, we have great news! Resistance to wear and tear over time is possible with these flat fabric cables that are hot sellers in 2021.

Gummy Cables
Speaking of current trends, tangled cables is so 2020 with the new gummy cables! Oh, yeh...those who never did quite get the hang of winding their cords are in luck. These cables are tangle-proof and safe for work and home life use. Try setting them next to the beach and trip grab-n-go items for faster summer sales!

3-in-1 Magnetic Cables
One of the coolest things about smartphones is their continual ability to surprise us with unique features and useful changes. But, it can also be one of the most frustrating for fans who are trying to keep up with all the latest charging cable options for their different devices, especially when there are both Android and Apple users in the same household. Luckily, the 3-in-1 magnetic cables eliminate any cable connection stress by including a Lightning, Micro USB, and USB-C connector in one easy-to-store multi-use charging system. It’s the only cable all mobile device users will need!

2-in-1 Apple Watch and iPhone Charging Cables
Apple users who have an Apple Watch know how challenging it is to stay organized with both the charging cord for their phone and a second cord for their watch. With the 2-in-1 Apple device charging cable, your customers will no longer have to worry about losing one of the cords as they are combined together. Get ready to see this cable fly off your cell phone accessories display!

Extended Length Cords
Another thing shoppers are happy to bid farewell to is the short cord that comes with their smartphones. Talking, texting, or browsing on a three-foot charging cable is not fun for anyone! Sure, it will accomplish the goal of powering the phone. However, an extended cord of six or 10 feet can allow users to continue their digital activities from farther away at a desk, while sitting in a chair, or while standing without having to wait for the charge to be complete. After using a longer cable, shoppers will surely be back for more to give to their family members and take to work because this simple extension is a game-changer!

Cable Adapters
Finally, as the leading cell phone manufacturers redesign their products to become more focused on Bluetooth and wireless technology, dongles or adapters have increasingly become one of the best-selling cell phone accessories of 2021 amongst those who still prefer corded headphones and USB backups. This is particularly the case with parents of young children who have tons of pictures to store and often feel more comfortable with their children using corded accessories. Therefore, while this is not in and of itself a type of cable, it is a definite “must-have” product that should be on every retailer’s list of cable-related cell phone accessories!

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