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7 Top Selling Cell Phone Accessories in 2021

May 15, 2021

If you are thinking Bluetooth devices are the only top sellers in 2021, these fan favorites may surprise you. No matter which phone your customers own, there are some accessories that simply make using a cell phone better. Find out which ones need to be on your inventory list starting with these seven items.

1. Lazy Phone and Tablet Holders
Lazy phone and tablet holders can clip onto tabletops, shelves, desks, and anywhere with a ledge! These items can often be bent to any angle for hands-free viewing, which is increasingly becoming an important feature to customers. For upright viewing, there is also a model that sits on the user’s shoulders making it perfect for transporting outdoors for stable videography and photography or watching a movie on a plane or in the backseat of a car. Plus, holding mobile devices in place makes drops a thing of the past, which is why this trend is at the top of our list for 2021!

2. Car Phone Holders
If the name of the game is holding a cell phone in place, car phone holders are a must! Holding the phone in one hand while driving is unsafe. Cars have come a long way with the connectivity to mobile devices, but they do not have a place for your phone to stay visible and handy. Moreover, older models don’t offer the ability to pair the sound system with phones. Still, you need to see the map to get directions or check for heavy traffic.

So, what’s the solution? Depending on the model, car phone holders clamp or stick securely on the vent or dashboard to hold your phone at the right level and angle for safer directions and overall usage. Then, the driver of a car built within at least the last five years can take an added safety advantage by using voice commands to navigate the phone’s features after pairing the phone with the car. 

3. Armbands
In addition to the phone holders, another item that will free up your buyers’ hands while using phones is an armband. Armbands allow users to listen to music, make phone calls, and hear audiobooks while working out or simply walking around the house. Best of all, these sleeves keep the phone in place without the fear of hard falls, which avoids costly repairs. 

4. Smartwatches
If you want to play music or take a call while exercising or on the go, it’s hard to beat a smartwatch! Yep, watches have come a long way! Instead of only keeping track of the time, date, and offering a stopwatch function, today’s smartwatches can track your exercise routines, distance covered, calories burned, sleep cycles, and heart rate. They can also remind you when it’s time to stand up and breathe deeply. It’s like having a health monitor and personal assistant in one handy device! That’s why these items are a cell phone owner’s second favorite device.

5. Cell Phone Tripods
Number five on our list does more than assist cell phone owners with a specific task, it takes their photography and videography skills to a new level. Tripods have been a top-selling accessory for photographers for decades and they are just as big of a hit for cell phone users as well. With cell phone tripods, family portraits, stunts, and pranks, or baby’s first steps, all can be captured and shared with friends and family with ease.

6. Selfie Sticks
If you need a more portable tripod to carry into places like theme parks, the beach, or while hiking the trails, selfie sticks continue to impress! These phone mounts provide just the right amount of extended reach to let the person behind the camera take part in all the action shots with their friends and family. When a set location is not in the cards, this lightweight cousin of the tripod may be exactly what you need!

7. Unique Charging Cables
With all of this phone usage, there is one thing you can bank on! Your phone is going to need to recharge at some point. That said, people are getting tired of the same boring white and black charging cables. For this reason, fabric and gummy charging cables made our list for hot-sellers in 2021! Let your customers select a cord that stands out from the rest to help them stay organized and add a personal touch with a variety of unique charging cables.

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