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7 Reasons Why Resellers Should Attend ASD Market Week

Jul 26, 2021

ASD Market Week can help turn your growing retail store or flea market booth into a customer magnet! From high margins to building essential connections, we’ll show you why you should make this trade show an integral part of your annual sales strategy. Then, we’ll guide you on how you can estimate your ROI and sign up for the next ASD Market Week today!

1. One-Stop Shopping
Researching products, wholesalers, and distributors takes a significant toll on your time. Then, you spend yet more time shopping for your inventory. That’s why at Mighty Wireless, we only stock the hottest selling cell phone accessories at the lowest wholesale pricing on the market and we offer fast flexible shipping options to make stocking your inventory a breeze! For all other products, ASD Market Week brings manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors together in one location so you can reduce your extensive research and ordering time to just one week. Imagine what you could do with all that extra time this year!

2. Higher Margins Means Bigger Profits
As you purchase products for your retail store location, e-commerce store, or flea market vendor booth, you want to look for the highest margins available. A high-margin product means the wholesale item is sold to you for a very low price leaving plenty of wiggle room to attract more customers with competitive market pricing. ASD Market Week boasts 1,500 vendors offering high-margin products that can give your profits a serious boost!

3. Buyer-Vendor Matching
If you think you will feel overwhelmed with so many events and vendors, fear not! It may seem like a week is a lot of time, but it will go by fast without a solid strategy designed around your business needs. For this reason, we recommend planning ahead with the buyer matching program offered to all buyers at ASD Market Week. Simply enter the type of merchant you would like to shop or meet with and use the appointment scheduler, online product gallery, or booth layout guide to plan your visit before you arrive.

4. Discover the Latest Trends
One of the ways our team at Mighty Wireless has earned our stellar reputation for selling top-trending wholesale cell phone accessories is by attending trade shows like ASD Market Week. Find out what your customers are searching for and buying online, in stores, and at flea markets, as you browse the newest and best sellers in each product category. Stop by related booths for a hands-on demo and ask the experts any questions you may have about the selling features to promote.  Then, pre-order innovative products that are unveiled to ASD attendees before they hit the market.

5. Learn From the Best
In addition to the amazing products your customers won’t be able to pass up being sold at high margins, the educational opportunities are just as beneficial to growing your reseller business! There will be webinars and, of course, some of the best names in the retail industry. If you are wondering about how to avoid common inventory mistakes, attract more customers, or price your products, this is the place to absorb such critical information from people who have been successful in the industry for decades.

6. Exclusive Perks
Want to save more money? ASD Market Week offers attendees exclusive perks like discounts on nearby hotels, restaurants, shows, and clubs. Whether this is your first time at ASD or you come every year, you can apply these special deals to experience all that Las Vegas has to offer and make the most of your stay.?

7. Get Your Estimated ROI in Advance
If you are not sure if you can afford to attend ASD Market Week, check out the Expenses and ROI Calculator on their website. That way, you can plan your budget in advance and know what to expect in terms of costs as well as rewards.

Ready to Sign Up?
Registration and planning your stay in Las Vegas during ASD Market Week is incredibly easy! Simply visit their website and click “Register to Attend” on the right side of the menu. Then, be sure to take advantage of big savings by booking your hotel stay and transportation through the ASD website under “Plan Your Trip”. If you are looking for easy ways to make your reseller business more profitable, the best combination strategy is to register for ASD Market Week and Mighty Wireless! Two powerful tools to start your journey to achieving reseller success today!

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