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7 Cool Wholesale Cell Phone Accessories for Hot Weather Activities

Aug 09, 2020

These cool wholesale cell phone accessories keep the fun going through hot weather days from summer to fall! The great outdoors can still be a blast on 90 degree days when you have a cool breeze, professional-quality image and video tools, and your favorite tunes. Help your shoppers beat the heat with these seven sizzlin’ hot-selling products!

No Breeze? Create One!
When things heat up, this mini fans will help cool consumers down! We offer two handheld fans that are the perfect size for travel or indoor use. Additionally, our pocket-sized cell phone mini fan doubles as both a fully functioning fan AND a USB to keep the charge going for continued use! Of course, while we offer the lowest wholesale prices on the market you anywhere, we never skimp on quality. Each of our items is made with the best materials and designs to be long-lasting and more durable. ?

Monitor Your Time Outdoors!
Another way to stay cool in the super awesome sense of the word is to use our Smartwatches to track workouts and sleep patterns, better manage your health, make calls, add rhythm to your run with your favorite tune, and more! These watches are the ideal way to make the most of these warmer days without overheating. In fact, we even have your Apple Watch users covered with Apple Watch chargers that only need two short hours to recharge to track the next workout activity on the day’s itinerary. With our Smartwatches and chargers, we bet your consumers' summer or year-round outdoor and indoor activities alike were never this much fun!

Add Serious Sound Quality!
Although we love our Smartwatches for their portability, health features, and versatility, we have to give the sound quality award to our products that fall into these three must-have categories for staying cool by the pool!

    1) Bluetooth Speakers - As long as we have to socialize from a safe distance outdoors, these Bluetooth speakers will help unite consumers with friends and family at a pool party or evening jam session under the stars. Play songs, videos, calls, and more with crisp clear sound. Also, with prices starting as low as $5.50 per item, you can stock your inventory without breaking your budget!

    2) Earbuds - While watching a different movie from the rest of the family or making a personal call, our Bluetooth and corded earbuds offer the ultimate in comfort, durability, and sound while sporting the popular sleek modern style everyone will love! When it’s time to put the earbuds away, our silicone cases will keep them protected and easy-to-find for the next use. Help your patrons wave good-bye to static and say hello to clearer sound at an affordable price by purchasing the coolest cell phone accessories like these from Mighty Wireless, Inc.

    3) Sports Headset - Ready to make a splash with your athletic and crafty audiences? Fidgeting with your earbuds while working out or bending over a project can be frustrating. For those consumers looking for low maintenance headsets, showcase this sporty option that will provide a more comfortable grip for activities such as jumping rope, running, and leaning down.  

Say Cheese!
One silver lining from COVID-19 is we have all enjoyed the surge of social media posts where people have been taking loads of humorous, informative, or creative images and videos of themselves camping, watching an outdoor movie, hosting a virtual race, working on a project, or simply lounging by the pool this summer. One cool trick to get a better angle for all of these recorded moments is to use a Bluetooth selfie stick when there is no one nearby to film what could be your consumer’s next viral video! Best of all, these are not just any selfie sticks, they are the tiniest selfie sticks around making them ready for transport in a backpack, purse, or car glove compartment to provide quick access whenever inspiration strikes.

Front Porch Family Pics Made Simple!
Another cool trend this summer is to capture front porch family pics for nostalgia purposes during the pandemic. The problem? It can be tricky to find someone outside of the family to take that picture while social distancing. No worries! Our lightweight mini tripods built to support your shopper’s Smartphone will work with all cases and are a breeze to install!

In short, when it comes to the hottest trends in cell phone accessories, you can trust Mighty Wireless, Inc. to have what your consumers want at the highest margin prices that will stretch your budget further! Shop with us and see why we are the “Go-To” store for all your Smartphone accessories and PPE inventory. Register today!


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