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5 Ways to be a Successful Cell Phone Accessories Reseller

Jul 15, 2020

Touted as having some of the highest sales margins and the fastest moving products in the retail industry, there has never been a better time to be a cell phone accessory reseller! The competition may be fierce, but there is still room for everyone with these five tips for success. By applying them to your business strategy, you'll be able to purchase more products, set prices that give you a better ROI, and grab the attention of a larger consumer base. 

  1. Choosing the Right Supplier
    A good supplier a reseller's greatest advantage. When your supplier has trusted products people want at lower than market prices and can send those items to you or your customer quickly, you have all you need to launch a marketing campaign that will attract consumers, increase your sales conversion rate, and grow your profits! Sounds too easy? That's because most suppliers can only meet part of the critical requirements of running a successful reseller business and it's how Mighty Wireless, Inc. became the "Go-To" wholesaler for cell phone accessory resellers. It all starts with building trust with clients based on three ingredients:

    (1) Having current high-quality products
    (2) Offering flexible shipping options
    (3) Exceeding pricing expectations with the lowest prices available anywhere!

  2. Sell the Products People Want to Buy!
    Want five-star reviews? Offer products people are searching online to purchase that stand out in performance, reliability, style, and dependability. This may sound simple, but researching products can be very time-consuming and that lost time can be costly! Running a store requires your time be primarily divided between customer care, inventory placement and tracking, and marketing strategies. The last thing you need is to purchase outdated items that are no longer working with the latest smartphones or waste your valuable time and effort researching what inventory to order. By purchasing your items from an experienced wholesaler like Mighty Wireless, Inc., you never have to wonder if the product is out-of-date, made of poor quality, or falls into the slow-seller category. We carry only the most sought after products in the industry, which we verify by attending tradeshows and doing the research for you. Simply shop our website, add the items you would like to sell to your cart, and complete your purchase with your delivery address for instant worry-free inventory!

  3. Remember Shipping Speed Matters!
    Perhaps the greatest challenge in the reselling field is your business relies heavily on the shipping industry. Many resellers have seen first hand how important fast flexible shipping options are to consumers because COVID-19 has left many wholesalers scrambling to keep items in stock as well as provide prompt shipping services. Might Wireless, Inc., however, has been less impacted by this pandemic than most due to our strong long-standing relationships with manufacturers and distributors. This is important to you, the reseller, because consumers may select the item from another store or vendor if the shipping speed is too slow rendering the product unavailable for an extended period of time. 

  4. Buy Low, Sell Higher!
    The math always adds up with Mighty Wireless, Inc. You can feel confident you are buying trending dependable products at the lowest prices available on the market! Since no one has better pricing, you have more freedom to attract consumers searching for great deals without having to dip into your profit margins. Plus, the low pricing and Mighty Wireless, Inc.'s low $50 minimum order requirement enable you to run promotional deals and increase your marketing budget without stressing over your ROI. 

  5. Make Your Marketing Campaign Smarter, not Harder!
    Speaking of your investments, one area all resellers do need to focus both time and money on is marketing. As your wholesale supplier, Mighty Wireless, Inc. can give you the products, the shipping flexibility, and the pricing you need to launch an engaging and productive campaign. Use this opportunity to create content that highlights product features, lower costs than your competitors can offer, or a large selection of in-stock items ready to ship! We recommend starting with Facebook or Instagram ads for passive impromptu buys that have been refined to target your audience's related interests. The nice thing about social media is your ad is not competing with other cell phone accessory reseller ads. However, for active buyers searching for your products, Google and Bing ads will place your website above the organic listings thereby increasing your website traffic.

Therefore, it is clear the key to success as a reseller is to buy your inventory from a trusted wholesaler with many years of proven history of stocking and quickly delivering the items your shoppers want at unbeatable prices you can't afford to pass up! Make Mighty Wireless, Inc. your wholesale supplier today by registering with us online. All you need to get started is your sales tax number. Then, enjoy the savings, and thank you for letting us be part of another amazing journey on your road to achieving all your reseller goals!

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