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5 Reasons Bundling Cell Phone Accessories Boosts Sales

Jul 15, 2021

Bundling items together is an important sales strategy for retailers and vendors alike. Smaller products like cell phone accessories are a perfect example of easy-to-bundle products. Discover the value of bundling your cell phone accessories from a consumer perspective and how this one simple action can turn into a huge profit booster!

1. Sell More Items in 1x Transaction
The first and most obvious reason to bundle your cell phone accessories specifically is they are typically small. An ideal product bundle is one the customer can quickly grab and place into the cart or on the checkout counter. Many cell phone accessories can also be tied together or stuffed into a clear container together fairly effortlessly to make carrying them around the store and in the car a breeze! This is particularly helpful for the smallest items like adapters, memory flash drives, and stylus pens that get lost easily or are needed in multiple locations at one time, such as the home or school for students and the office for parents. ?

2. Add Visual Value to Your Items
A large part of the appeal of bundled cell phone accessories for your customers is the visual concept of buying like items that are seemingly more valuable when purchased together. For example, if shoppers want a set of adapters and a fast-charging cable comes with them, they often see that bundle as offering more value than the adapters alone. They may also have more trust in the products that are grouped together as opposed to buying each item separately. The advantage for retailers is the bundle sells the two items at a profitable price, despite lowering the price on one or both items. Plus, the customer bought both from the same store or vendor booth instead of getting one now and another later from a competitor located near where they happen to be when they remember they need that item.? 

3. Clear Out Your Inventory
Spring cleaning is also winter, fall, and summer cleaning for retailers. The inventory is constantly being cleared out to make room for new inventory as technology and consumer interest shift. The good news? As long as you include one of your top-selling cell phone accessories in the bundle, related products that are not selling as quickly can also be grouped into the bundle to help clear out the items. Note - if clearing out your old inventory is your goal, your bundled top seller should not also be sold individually until the bundles have been purchased and your bundle deal has ended.?

4. Customer Convenience
Cell phone accessories are all about making life easier and more pleasurable. By bundling them, you are making customer’s shopping for them more convenient too! Try grouping those items that every cell phone owner needs in each room of the home like cables, the products like earphones that every family member needs, or the inexpensive items they lose in the couch cushions like memory card readers. ??Also, consider bundling related items the customers will want to purchase later. After buying a cell phone, the shopper is not likely to immediately think of all that is fun or necessary to purchase with it. For example, it may be clear that a more personalized charging cable, such as a 10’ fabric cable with flexible ends, would be useful. If this cable is bundled together with a dongle, set of adapters, and/or earphones, you have saved the customer time and money for items that would have likely been purchased soon after - possibly from a competitor. ?

5. Build Customer Loyalty
The primary goal of all sales strategies for retailers and vendors is to attract visitors that turn into loyal customers. When you bundle your cell phone accessories, you are reducing the chances of your competitors making the sale on those items both immediately and in the future. After all, those related cell phone accessories were already purchased together and there is no need to spend more time at the competing booth or store looking for them. From a customer perspective, this time and cost-saving strategy is greatly appreciated, especially when the bundled price is lower than buying the items separately. ??Best of all, you can build their appreciation while boosting your sales without giving a significant price break. The difference does not have to be amazing. It just has to be lower than buying the items individually. Hint - consistently checking competitor pricing online and at nearby stores will help you price your items to sell.

How can I Afford to Lower My Pricing for Bundle Deals?
We’re glad you asked. At Mighty Wireless, we put a lot of time and effort into nurturing long-standing relationships with quality manufacturers in order to bring our clients the best prices around! This means you can stock your inventory for less than your typical wholesale budget, which allows you to stay competitive in your pricing and create strategies like bundling to attract more sales. Fill out our registration form online and find out why we are the “Go-To” store for wholesale cell phone accessories and more!

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