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5 Cell Phone Accessories Every Student Will Need for School!

Aug 16, 2021

School is back in session, and parents are shopping for items that will help enhance their students’ learning or keep the peace at home like these 5 cell phone accessories. Whether kids are going to in-person school or learning from home, these smartphone additions help boost their ability to complete their assignments and study for tests. Showcase them in your school displays and watch them fly off the shelves!

Fast-Charging Cables to Continue Learning
Every cell phone owner either already knows or soon realizes that one charging cable is not nearly enough! This is because it is easy to misplace them, leave them in another bag or at another location, share them with others at the wrong time, or easily damage the cable styles that come prepackaged with the phone over time. Plus, buying an additional cable could mean getting more value with each charge. Newer cables could offer a faster charge, a sturdier design that can take the hits of heavy notebooks against it or on top of it in a backpack, and different color and texture options for helping students identify their cables in a sea of charging cables in the classroom. Plus, by buying multiple cables for each phone and tablet, there is always a charging cable on hand when parents and students alike are racing out the door in the morning.

Active Noise-Canceling Earphones for Concentration
?Earphones and headphones have made a lot of progress this year.There are earphones that adapt to the changing contour of the ear as the wearer leans over to grab something out of a backpack on the floor or stands up, headphones that offer the softest most cloud-like comfort for repeated use throughout the day, and, of course, active noise-canceling earphones with a transparency mode for tuning out background noise to improve concentration while hearing the important sounds like the teacher’s instructions. In fact, top-quality headsets like those sold at Mighty Wireless are also helpful for students who struggle with focus or feel overwhelmed in crowded hallways.  ?

Stylus Pens for Digital Artwork?
Calling all graphic artists! Any student who likes to draw or take notes on a cell phone, tablet, or touch-screen laptop will be adding a stylus pen to their back-to-school supply list. These devices make drawing and scribble notes easier, significantly more helpful with animation and integration options, better for the environment, and arguably more efficient than using a traditional piece of paper and pencil. The only catch is, just like with pens and pencils, it’s easy to lose these essential tools. Therefore, students will need a well-stocked supply store for their multiple stylus pen purchases.

Dongles for Screen-Mirroring
Sometimes, bigger is better. When a cell phone, tablet, or laptop screen is not large enough to create or present a project, teach a subject to a larger audience, or explain an assignment, a dongle for screen-mirroring can help! This device lets students and teachers cast the project onto a larger monitor, such as a television. Best of all, this device eliminates the need for a costly second computer monitor by using the television as the added screen. Now, teachers, students, and business professionals can work on multiple projects or share their projects with a larger group with ease!

Bumper Guards and Screen Protectors for Safety?
How many drops and notebook knocks can one cell phone take? Countless as long as cell phone protection items are in good condition. Without proper protection, students will have cracked and damaged phones with just one drop. The great news is there are high-quality phone cases and screen protectors that are affordable to replace as they get damaged leaving the cell phone working as well as the day it was purchased, even after countless drops. If you are looking to stock your inventory with the most frequently purchased cell phone accessories throughout the year, that would have to be protective items like silicone bumper guards, hard phone cases, and screen protectors. These items absorb the shock from the drop and protect the cell phone from damage so that students can keep learning or staying connected without skipping a beat. 

Find Them All at Mighty Wireless for Less Than Anywhere Else!
Students, parents, and teachers appreciate having quick access to the above items that help power the learning process. Mighty Wireless can make it easy for you to restock your inventory and display cases with faster and more flexible shipping options, 24x7 customer service, and lower than wholesale pricing. If you are looking for the top-selling cell phone and electronic accessories at the highest margins, shop our safe and easy-to-navigate website today!

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