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3 Old School Retail Strategies Every New Business Owner Should Be Using

Sep 01, 2021

How would you like to generate fresh leads for your new business before having to tackle the steep learning curve of digital marketing? While professional online marketing tactics should definitely be included in your budget as quickly as possible, these tried-and-true sales methods your grandparents probably used can turn your products and business name into the talk of the town fast!

1. Get to Know Your Neighbors
Start your journey to new leads with a walk around the block where you introduce yourself to nearby business owners and employees. The baby boomers and beyond made a name for themselves in the local community by sponsoring ball games, participating in the Chamber of Commerce, and volunteering their team to raise funds for local nonprofits.? ?This may seem more obvious for B2C businesses. However, even if you are a B2B business owner such as a wholesaler, remember you will be meeting business owners as well as spreading the word about your products indirectly to friends and family members who own businesses through your social campaign efforts. For retailers and other B2C businesses, most everyone you meet could be a potential sale. So, don’t forget your coupons, free sample products, and, of course, an Instagram Nametag to share your contact information! ??If possible, try to get them to commit to trying your products before you leave. It is always harder to say no to an in-person request. Plus, after they place the first order, it’s more likely they will return to your place of business for more orders!

2. Make it Personal
Your mom taught you to write thank you notes for a good reason. People like to get personal notes in any form, digital or print. Therefore, why not mix it up and try both? For B2B businesses, send a direct message (DM) to potential business owners and managers through social media channels and share who you are and what you offer them. ??It pays to be succinct and direct in the initial contact. Make sure the message is written from the customer’s point of view. Think about what needs the customer has that you are filling with your quality inventory. Maybe you have a best-selling item that is on sale. Perhaps your trending products are already in stock, which means there is no shipping time for local purchases. Focus on one problem your products solve for the customer for each message. ??After a week, if you have not received a response, you can always follow up with an in-person visit to a business, a wrapped free product sample or gift card in the mail with a personalized note, an e-mail, or another DM. Whichever methods you choose, always follow up orders with a hand-written personalized thank you note, request a 5-star review or testimonial, and always respond to reviews promptly and respectfully to show your appreciation and your interest in their opinion. Remember, your goal is not only to get that initial sale but to build a loyal customer base for repeat purchasing and free word-of-mouth advertising.?

3. Attend a Large Tradeshow
?Talk about a fast way to attract a large group of customers to your new business in one short week! Joining all the seasoned pros and legendary manufacturers at the large trade shows nearest your area is a great way to generate sales leads, learn about hot selling products, discover business strategies that let you avoid costly mistakes, make helpful connections with other businesses, and purchase your inventory at high margins. Best of all, everything you need to succeed as a business is in one location! So, break out your best products to display and build a booth that attracts attention and offers quick ways to make a sale because, with a little planning and effort, your nearby tradeshow could be the key to getting people to notice your brand.

Where to Find Products to Sell in Your New Business
The best way to fill your inventory for your new business is to look for fast-selling items that are useful, innovative, and/or interesting. That’s why cell phone accessories are the ideal items for startups and established retailers or wholesalers alike. Everyone who owns a cell phone will want protective cases and screen covers, colorful or patterned charging cables to personalize their devices, and the hottest Bluetooth pairing devices at affordable prices. At Mighty Wireless, we take the guesswork out of stocking your inventory by attending trade shows and working directly with top-quality manufacturers to bring you the cell phone accessories that are on everyone’s wishlist! Then, we offer you those products at a lower than wholesale cost so you can attract more sales with competitive prices. Register online with us today!?

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