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2021 Trends in Cell Phone Accessories

Dec 01, 2020

Retailers cannot afford to miss out on these top cell phone accessory trends for 2021! The mobile accessory industry is expected to see rapid growth for these products throughout the year. Here's why!

Remote Learning Tools 
One of the main sales areas in cell phone accessories revolves around remote learning or working from home. During the pandemic, people have had to embrace technology and adapt to a more stay-in-home lifestyle. These items are necessary for all mobile device users to keep handy in the event they need to work on a project or communicate with a teacher, client, or teammate. After all, you cannot hand in a report when your laptop or mobile device runs out of power or you do not have enough memory space to store the document. As a result, anything that supports communications and work production from home has been flying off the shelves like these: 

Digital Creation Tools 
Speaking of projects, digital creations are becoming the popular choice for homework assignments and work presentations. They are easy to read, provide added flexibility with creativity, and can be shared with a large audience. To ensure your shoppers have everything they need to succeed, stock up on these tools that give consumers a leading edge in their creations:

  • Stylus pens will enable faster data manipulation for better time-management.
  • Lazy tablet holders assist with holding the mobile device in place for such activities as reading, making notes, drawing, texting, FaceTiming, streaming, and shopping online!
  • Dongles can cast movies, images, documents, and presentations onto a television screen or monitor to make it easier to review for corrections and grading purposes.

Tik Tok Video Aids
But, sometimes, we all need a break from work to have some fun! That's where Tik Tok has captured the world's stay-in-home attention by providing a platform for individuals to capture their silly moments, demo their unbelievable stunts, and, of course, showcase their impressive dance moves. Check out these inexpensive products that make Tik Tok newbies look like the pros:

  • Mini cell phone tripods will stabilize the mobile device and record or snap a pic at the right time every time!
  • Bluetooth speakers to hear the rhythm better while coming up with those sweet moves!
  • Fast-Charging power banks for outdoor backdrops and adventures! 

Family Connection Items
Since families are getting extra quality time together at home during COVID-19, they are having to come up with new exciting activities to stay occupied as well as ways to stay connected to those they can only see virtually due to their being in the high-risk category or living far away. Therefore, consumers are turning to engaging devices that keep them entertained and in close contact like Smartwatches with charging accessories and video gaming consoles with chargers. Such items make perfect family gifts that can build memories by recording family exercise activities on a Smartwatch or playing epic battles with loved ones on FaceTime or Zoom!

Road Trip Must-Haves
Another thing consumers are doing more often is taking an increasing number of road trips! This could mean camping, hotel stays, and weekend cabin getaways. For cell phone accessories, this translates to a boost in car safety items like car mounts and Bluetooth FM transmitters. No more trying to balance holding the phone with steering while trying to use the map app! Car mounts make it easy to view what turn is coming up next. On that note, FM transmitters take phone use in the car a step further as drivers are able to listen to songs on their playlists, place a hands-free call to the hotel, charge a mobile device, and surf the local radio channels with ease!

As you can see from the above trends, there are many reasons retailers, vendors, and entrepreneurs are anticipating a phenomenal cell phone accessory sales year in 2021! The great news for those looking to stock up on these hot-selling products is Mighty Wireless has them all in stock and ready to ship. Plus, we offer the lowest wholesale prices you'll find anywhere on the market thanks to decades of cultivating strong relationships with our high-quality manufacturers and low minimum orders. All you need to do to place an order with us is complete our registration form and email a copy of your Sales Tax Resale Certificate to Don't wait! Become a cell phone accessory reseller with Mighty Wireless TODAY!

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