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10 Wholesale Mobile Must Haves for 2020 & 2021!

Oct 15, 2020

These 10 gift items are on every mobile device user's wishlist this year! From earbuds to personalized cables, find out what students, teachers, healthcare workers, and all those working remotely from home have been touting as their must-haves for the 2020-2021 school calendar year. Then, be sure to stock up before Santa starts checking his list!

  1. Clear Noise-Cancelling Sound Headsets
    While distance learning, at the office, or on-the-go, Bluetooth and corded earbuds are becoming increasingly essential. But, high quality at an affordable price is equally critical when consumers are trying to stay connected to loved ones or unable to find a quiet space to study. At Mighty Wireless, we only carry the highest quality items on the market. Best of all, our long-standing relationship with our manufacturers lets us offer those products to you at the lowest prices you'll find anywhere!

  2. Personalized Cords 
    Another problem with remote work or distance learning is trying to find an available power cord in the home with so many family members needing to recharge their devices at the same time. By adding colorful and patterned cables to your holiday or birthday gift displays, your shoppers can pick one that will be easy to spot in no time! Check out our many options today!

  3. Seriously Fast Wall Chargers
    Of course, faster is better when it comes to chargers! Our lightning-fast chargers offer a quicker power boost to help students and professionals create, upload, edit, or send before they miss their deadlines. Shop our high-quality selection of wall chargers that costs you less so you can pass along those savings to stand out from the competition! 

  4. Extra Power for On-the-Go
    What goes great with colorful cables for fun surprises, stocking stuffers, or gift baskets? How about chargers that help devices recharge while away from home? One of the perks of being remote is the flexibility to work from anywhere. With our power banks, nature lovers and travelers will never again have to worry about coming indoors to find an outlet. 

  5. Hands-Free Driving Tools
    While in the car, it can be dangerous to scrounge around the compartments or a purse looking for a power bank. Thankfully, our 32-in-1 car charger will power up the user's device four times faster than the average charger while allowing effortless calls and tune selection. Pair these our car mounts for the ultimate hands-free car accessories your customers will love!

  6. Lazy Holder
    Speaking of phone mounts, our lazy holder makes the perfect extra set of hands when working on projects that require both hands or to enjoy a more comfortable viewing angle. These handy gadgets can also be positioned to improve posture or get cozier while reading a great e-book. We suggest placing them near the stylus pens and phone kickstands for a completed set of helpful tools.

  7. Mini Selfie Stick
    Getting the best angle for pics and videos is never a problem with our mini selfie sticks that are so portable they can easily fit into pockets, backpacks, car consoles, totes, picnic totes, or handbags with ease! Now, no one has to bother the busy family member, restaurant waiter, or stranger on the street to take a pic for the blog, vlog, or social media platform of choice. Image independence at last!

  8. Mini Tripod
    Sometimes, a more professional or full-length image or video is in order. For such situations, a mini tripod can maintain a steady platform in the right position and at the preferred distance every time. Finally, freedom to roam and record special moments or images without cumbersome bulky camera equipment.

  9. Better Viewing Tools
    If the above gifts sound exciting, then wait until your shoppers see their videos on the tv with some assistance from a display dongle. These devices can show your customers' media creations to all their friends and family at the same time by casting their images and videos onto a larger screen. This means no more hovering around a mobile device to view vacation pics and baby's first steps!

  10. Better Sound Gifts
    While watching their media presentations on the big screen, students, families, teachers, healthcare workers, and other professionals can all enjoy clear sound quality from up to 20 feet away by using our portable Bluetooth speakers. Imagine your shoppers' joy when they realize they can chat with friends, dance to their favorite songs, or show their home movies with enhanced sound anywhere anytime! 

Thus, Mighty Wireless has everything on your shoppers' wishlist! Before the holiday rush begins, be sure you are ready with a full supply of the above items. With our low prices, fast shipping, and 24x7 customer service, why go anywhere else? Register on our website to take advantage of our low minimums and huge selection of these best sellers today!


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