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Ibastek Wired Microphone Cord for Large Speakers Wholesale-502MIC-AAZT

UPC Code : 502MIC-AAZT

Category : Wholesale Speakers

Price Per Piece : $2.00

Ibastek Wired Microphone Cord for Large Speakers Wholesale-502MIC-AAZT

  • Cardioid Dynamic Microphone Wired microphone features a cardioid pickup pattern for greater gain while simultaneously minimizing feedback. 
  • Ideal for live situations where noise cancellation is needed,that makes handheld microphone remarkable for presentation,wedding, conference, church,interview and solo performances.
  • Flat,Wide-Range Frequency -The smooth frequency range is solid at 50 to 18 kHz,suited well for handling high sound pressure levels.
  • It is tailored for spoken word,vocals,various instruments.Having no power requirement makes dynamic microphone the ideal choice for any live applications.
  • Optimal Speech Intelligibility-Such is vocal microphone that it delivers an low distortion for clean sound output,precise reproduction of speech and vocals with excellent intelligibility.
  • Suitable for recreational activities,such as singing, karaoke, home party and performance, indoors or outdoors.
  • Rugged and Reliable Metal Construction- A dynamic microphone for speaker that is robust,simpler to operate with Suitable size and shape for your hands,being a better option for public speaking.
  • Built-in pop filter for protection against plosives.An external on/off switch on it for easy control of audio.