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AC To DC Wholesale Adapter - MW48

UPC Code : MW48

Category : Miscellaneous

Price Per Piece : $1.25

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AC To DC Wholesale Adapter

  • Universal 2000 mA 12V Output AC Wall to DC Car Cigarette Lighter Port Power Converter Female Adapter (Convert 110 Volt to 12 Volt, AC/DC Adapter)-(2.0 Amp output) (Not for Air Compressor)

  • Instantly converts 120V AC into 12V DC, input: 100-240V~50/60Hz 0. 6a output: 12V~2000mA Plugs into standard 110/120V AC wall Outlet Power your DC (plug-in car) cigarette lighter charger by converting to AC power.

  • Universally compatible- suitable for mobile phones, GPS systems, car chargers, and other small appliances Converts 120 volt AC household current to 12 Volt DC Power. Ac/DC adapter, cad converter.