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Game Controller with Built In Games

UPC Code : G111

Category : Miscellaneous

Price Per Piece : $35.00

Dual wireless controllers and 10,000 Retro classic games (64 GB) are included with the DKD 4K Ultra HD arcade game video stick system.

Simple to Use: Simply connect the gaming console to the HD interface of the TV via a USB cable, and the games list will be instantly shown on the TV screen.

Remote Control: To pair wireless gamepads with the micro 2.4 GHz data transmitter, plug it into the USB port on the back of the mini games console stick. As soon as pairing is successful, users can use the controllers to select games, play games, and remotely operate the gaming system.

 Wireless control distances of up to 10 metres can maintain a secure distance between children and the TV, reducing the risk of eye injury. Suitable for Most HD Equipment - Most HD TVs are supported with HD video gaming consoles.