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Car S7 Bluetooth FM Transmitter CARs7

UPC Code : 672299246577

Category : Wholesale Chargers

Price Per Piece : $4.00

* Bluetooth FM transmitter: the phone, U disk, TF card, MP3 music inside to the car audio playback

* Car charging: can be through the USB interface, to the phone / iPad smart charge.

* Car Bluetooth hands-free: the phone can be a key through the Bluetooth hands-free call.

* Car USB: USB interface can be read through U disk, or card slot to read TF card

* High fidelity stereo, using DIGITAL, PLL phase-locked loop technology

* LCD display frequency, more convenient

* Full-frequency launch (up to 200 frequencies can be selected)

* With power-off memory, you can store the current frequency of play

*Direct button, play/pause on a song / next song