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BUDS Plus TWS Wholesale Bluetooth Earphones-BUDSP

UPC Code : 672299260238

Category : Wholesale Bluetooth Accessories

Price Per Piece : $12.00

Selective hearing. Customizable fit tunes out unwanted noises, while lets you filter-in important sounds from the outside world, like flight announcements, oncoming traffic or your order number.

Pair with a PC for an easy way to work. Connect to a Windows 10 PC and get work done at home. The buds only need to be in pairing mode near a PC to be recognized and paired via Swift Pair. So it's simple and easy to work together even while staying apart. 

22 hours of serious sound

Sound you can feel. Premium sound by AKG delivers superb dynamic range and exceptional sound accuracy thanks to the woofer and tweeter inside each tiny bud.