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May 11 2020

Wholesale Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Sale - Call to Order


May 01 2020

5 Inventory Stocking Tips for Your Online Cell Phone Accessory Store

Are you switching to an online sales model for your store inventory of cell phone accessories or simply new to the reselling industry? If so, you will love these five tips that will give you the confidence you need to sharpen your resale skills. From how to check out the competition to tracking and budgeting for your inventory, we've got you covered!

Apr 14 2020

7 Ways to Attract More Online Customers

Driving traffic to your website, increasing your online sales, and getting your brand in front of a larger audience can oftentimes seem like an overwhelming task. That's why we listed these easy suggestions that help you master the art of online sales. Use these tips to find what works to get your site noticed by your targeted audience, keep them engaged in your content, and entice them to purchase more of your products.

Apr 02 2020

Trending Wholesale Cell Phone Accessories for Mother's Day

Make moms happy with these gift ideas for Mother's Day. Better than flowers that wilt and make a mess or candy, try tagging, grouping, categorizing, and promoting these Mother's Day gifts. With gifts like these, Mom is sure to feel loved and appreciated! Here's why.

Mar 16 2020

The Best Wholesale Mobile Accessories at the Lowest Prices

When you need the best quality cell phone accessories at the lowest prices on the market for your retail business, make Mighty Wireless your first place to shop! Our efforts to cultivate relationships with manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributers over the years has made it possible for us to offer top-selling accessories at below-market pricing. Additionally, these partnerships have enabled us to keep thousands of in-demand products your customers want in stock like these hot-selling items.

Mar 06 2020

A Comprehensive Guide to Making Money in the Swapmeet

Before I became a wholesaler I started out in the outdoor swap meet. I did quite well for a swapmeet vendor and learned lots of things about how to make it successful. I wrote this article for people who are thinking about opening up a booth in the swapmeet. Although the products I sold were mainly cellphone accessories. These tips can be applied to any goods sold at the flea market. I used to work Saturdays and Sundays at a day swapmeet and come away with a profit of about $1100 as an average amount. $400 profit on a Saturday and $700 on a Sunday. Until now I believe that a swapmeet vendor can profit more than a wholesaler on a weekend if he knows what he's doing.

Mar 02 2020

Retail Marketing Tips for Different Smartphone Accessories Audiences

Everyone from tweens to adults needs cell phone accessories to go with their smartphones. That said, some products attract more of a specific demographic. Explore how to tweak your marketing strategy to generate more sales by targeting key audiences.

Feb 15 2020

Bluetooth Items Your Customers will Want

Find all your wholesale Bluetooth cell phone accessories at Mighty Wireless, Inc.! You can purchase at our store in Los Angeles, California or browse our easy-to-use online catalog using our new website. Shop from thousands of items that we keep well-stocked and enjoy our flexible shipping options and 24x7 customer service. Simply put, if you want it we either have it or most likely can get it while charging the lowest prices you'll find anywhere like the top-selling products below!

Feb 01 2020

Wholesale Phone Accessories at it's Best

When you buy your wholesale cell phone accessories from Mighty Wireless at our store in Los Angeles, California or online at our newly launched website, you will find we have more to offer than unbeatable pricing. Take a look at what years of forming relationships with manufacturers has enabled us to do for our customers. As we share our vision of what a top-rated cell phone accessory company should symbolize, we think you will see why our customers trust us to give them the best deals, quality, and service for all of their product needs.

Jan 15 2020

5 Reasons We Are Looking Forward to ASD Market Week

More than 2,700 vendors and 45,000 attendees from 90 countries make ASD Market Week in Las Vegas one of the best B2B tradeshows in the world! Plus, over 70% of the buyers say this is the only tradeshow they attend. But, those are only some of the reasons we love going every year. Discover the more personal side of this amazing event as we explore ASD the Mighty Wireless way.

Jan 07 2020

How to Start a New Business Selling Phone Accessories

Have you ever wondered how people are able to sell products like phone accessories online from the comfort of their homes? The phone accessory business is a $72 billion and counting industry. We have the information you need to get started listing your phone accessories at auction sites like eBay and online retailers.

Dec 16 2019

Display Ideas for Selling Wholesale Phone Accessories

Increase your sales with these simple and imaginative holiday display ideas for marketing your wholesale phone accessories in your store. Customers want the mobile device products you sell, but they need something eye-catching to lure them inside your store on a busy day or help these smaller items become more visible while shopping. Here is where these displays work to your advantage and with minimum set-up time and effort!